Complete Guide To Lizardite Gemstone

By Gemexi Team | Loose Gemstones
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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Complete Guide To Lizardite Gemstone


Though lizardite is one of the most common to find gemstone nowadays; yet, Lizardite loose stone is one of the most useful gemstones around the world. Though Lizardite has become quite famous among people nowadays, a lot of people still didn’t buy lizardite gemstone as they didn’t know about the qualities and the features that the gemstone has. The gemstone looks quite unique and perfect than a lot of other gemstones and that is why people love buying it. However, due to this look only, a lot of people say no to lizardite because it looks like a mere a piece of broken glass. A lot of people still don’t know about this brilliant gemstone, and that is why here is a complete guide to lizardite gemstone.

What’s behind the name?

A lot of people don’t know that Lizardite got its name due to its locality where its first was found. It was found in The Lizard, Cornwall, in England country and therefore it got named as Lizardite gemstone. Naturally, loose lizardite gemstone was found there and with years, various new textures and colors have been given to the gemstone mixing it with other premium-quality minerals. Though it is quite common among all the serpentines, still the emergence of this gemstone as one of the best, has made a lot of experts surprised.

How it looks physically?

Loose Lizardite gemstone as compared to treated gemstone will look like a mere piece of premium glass with a waxy texture and translucent transparency. However, after mixing it with certain kinds of chemicals and minerals, it gets a more beautiful and sellable look, but the purity of the gemstone gets a little down. But, if someone gets a pure quality gemstone in a treated lizardite, then one should spend any amount of money to buy it because of the healing properties of lizardite gemstone. 

What about the colors?

Some say that it was first found of green color, some say that it was transparent. However, maximum people have admitted that green color is the basic color of a lizardite gemstone and after several processes and heatings, lizardite gemstone gets converted to light yellow color, then its color goes from yellow to colorless and then it goes from colorless to pale green. However, one would be shocked to read this that even after several treatments the healing properties of the lizardite gemstone remain the same.




Where it can be found?

It cannot be found all alone as it is a replacement of orthopyroxene or olivine or other relatable minerals in ultramafic and igneous rocks. There are several gemstones that cannot be found all alone as they are minerals of other metals etc. Similarly, lizardite is a premium quality gemstone and lizardite is known for its healing properties but it can never be found all alone, it needs to be extracted from some rocks along with other metals and minerals.

Benefits of buying it?

A lot of people don’t know about the benefits of lizardite gemstone and why they should buy it. The most common answer to this is that if one is not stable mentally and one is having issues like stress, anxiety, etc. One should definitely try buying this gemstone as lizardite’s healing properties can cure any kind of mental problems and it has been trusted by thousands of people. Other benefits include its beautiful, yet very unique look due to which people prefer it over several other expensive and designer gemstones.

Looking at the above points, one must have known a lot about Lizardite gemstone and one would be definitely looking to buy it. However, people would be surprised to know that every year several new benefits of lizardite gemstone have been coming out. People prefer to buy loose lizardite gemstone as they feel that it is purer. But one should know that there are several places where one can buy slightly treated lizardite gemstone, which will not only look beautiful, but its purity will also be there with it. It is one of the gemstones at which a lot of researches has been made regularly to find the better and more premium version of the gemstone. People looking to buy a lizardite silver jewelry for various kinds of benefits should not stop themselves from buying it as this is everything they would have ever required.

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