The Untold Story Of Flower Of Life Jewelry

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  • Updated On Apr 13, 2022
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The Untold Story Of Flower Of Life Jewelry

The Universe has its ways of communicating with us. Sometimes through beautiful miracles, other times through horrifying catastrophes - time and again, the one true higher power hints to us about their presence. In fact, if you bother to look closely enough, you’ll find traces of the celestial in everything around you. Especially, in those mystical symbols designed on the walls of erstwhile chapels and pieces of ancient jewelry. Trust us, their hidden, intense spiritual essence and denotation will leave you astounded. For instance, the Flower of Life. Surrounded by an air of myths and lores, the Flower of Life jewelry is an ancient symbol that is revered for being a divine crest. So much so that it didn’t take too long for the insignia to transform into surreal jewelry pieces that are loved by those with a taste for vintage aesthetics. 

So if you’re a connoisseur too who wants to know what lies behind the petals of Flower of Life, read this article and explore the untold story of Flower of Life jewelry.  

Fashion Jewelry Flower Of Life | Meaning And Symbolism:

  1. Meaning of the symbol - Hailing from the walls of the Temple of Osiris in Abydos, Egypt, the Flower of Life symbol is woven with 19 interconnected circles of equal proportions. Each of those circles comes to life to depict the image of a flower and signify one standing gist - the elusive interconnection of every life on earth. 

  2. Symbolism of the symbol - Held in high regard by the followers of Sacred Geometry, the Flower of Life symbolizes divine creation. It represents the order of the world, establishing the fact that every life is connected. 

Flower Of Life Jewelry | Benefits & Healing Powers:

  1. Keeps you spiritually sound - Wearing Flower of Life jewelry is believed to strengthen the spirituality of the wearer by making them aware of the higher realm.

  2. Supports healing process - Flower of Life jewelry has been attributed with the benefit of supporting the healing journey - especially emotional and spiritual.

  3. Helps in meditation - This incredible emblem is thought to aid your daily meditation by allowing you to focus better. 

Handmade Flower of Life Jewelry - Top 5 Pieces To Accentuate Your Look:

  1. Flower of Life Blue Copper Turquoise Earring: The not-so-ubiquitous gemstone, Copper Turquoise gemstone jewelry activating healing of eyes, throat, and lungs combined with flower of life earrings is unparalleled. What we love about this combination is the unique shade and natural elegance that the earring exudes.  

    925 sterling silver 1.80cts flower of life blue copper turquoise earrings     natural black onyx 925 sterling silver flower of life earrings     flower of life blue arizona mohave turquoise 925 silver earrings

  2. Flower of Life Purple Amethyst Dangle Earrings: If you’re bored with round  Amethyst jewelry, diamond-shaped dangle earrings are a beautiful rut buster. Other than enhancing your immunity, this trinket is also capable of enhancing your classy look if worn independently.
  3. Flower of Life Rainbow Moonstone Necklace: Our love for Rainbow Moonstone jewelry is unsurpassed-thanks to the healing properties and graceful shade of the gemstone. Flower of Life Necklace will surely lure you as much and offer you mental clarity.
  4. Flower of Life Black Tourmaline Pendant: Lastly, a gorgeous one-of-a-kind pendant to steal the show and make heads turn - the Black Tourmaline gemstone Flower of Life pendant is all that you need for nightlife occasions. Buy Flower of Life Silver Pendant to stay on top of trends and catch attention, always!
  5. Flower of Life Green Chalcedony Ring: A perfect essential bauble for your fingers, flower of life rings Green Chalcedony will not only purge your illness but also complete a vibrant and fun look. It’s a win-win!

    flower of life natural black onyx round 925 silver ring    flower of life natural purple amethyst 925 silver ring    flower of life blue copper turquoise 925 silver ringg

Other Specific Symbolism And Spiritual Jewelry You Should Know About:

The Flower of Life is merely a chapter in the book of otherworldly symbols and insignias with deep-seated symbolism. Let us deep-dive furthermore and explore other spiritual symbols that can make for some absolutely splendid and wholesome jewelry designs. Let’s get talking about
  1. Eye of Horus jewelry
  2. Fleur De Lis jewelry 
  3. Anchor Jewelry
  4. Wicca Symbol Jewelry
  5. Hand Of God Jewelry

The Untold Story Of Flower Of Life Jewelry, Now Revealed…

The 925 sterling silver flower of life jewelry is a symbol of utmost essence. All those who like their jewelry to be drenched in symbolism and vintages love wearing it. You give your wardrobe a twist of antique too and get yourself Flower of Life jewelry now. 

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    Flower of Life Jewelry helps in meditation this incredible by allowing you to focus better.

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