Manifest Meditation Rings: History and Use

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On May 27, 2022
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Manifest Meditation Rings: History and Use

Have you heard about the meditation rings or the spinner bands? Do you own one? Do you have any idea how these rings can safeguard you from the various stress problems? Would you be interested in knowing the benefits of meditation rings and how to use them? Well, if these questions have induced curiosity, you ought to read the information about mediation rings shared below!

Understanding the Meditation Rings – A Quick Glance

Meditation rings are counted not only among the latest jewelry trends but also among some of the easiest and best tools for meditation. A lot of people face stress, anxiety, and depression these days. Some of them even feel shy talking about such issues. Wearing the rings meant for meditation, one can keep such issues at bay. The thoughtful structure, design, and even addition of natural healing crystals have made these rings quite desirable in both looks and healing. These rings usually have the spinning band feature wherein the wearer has to spin the outer surface to get a soothing feeling. By doing so one can immediately feel the calming effect.

Though these rings are getting popular worldwide, still a lot of people don’t know about the history of these amazing rings. Also, it is quite surprising but true that there are also those people who have heard about these rings but they are unaware of the significant uses offered by the meditation rings. Therefore, we have shared the important info in the form of history and uses of the incomparable meditation rings.

History of Meditation or Spinner rings

These rings are said to have originated in ancient times in Tibetan Buddhist culture. Most of us have seen the attractive rolling cylinders made of some kind of metal or wood placed in a Buddhist temple. It is firmly believed and said that when those cylinders are rolled, two metals grind with each other and a calming effect comes out. Ancient Buddhist people used to recite their prayers and used these spiritual cylinders to heal people with different sorts of issues. That is why one can see rolling cylinders in every Tibetan temple as well as in the home of a person who is a Buddhist. The rolling cylinders offer a significant wholesale gemstone sterling silver jewelry, meditation effect, and calm down the body as well as the mind of people. The same process has inspired the creation of these spinning rings.

It is also important to share that such rings have also been observed in the past. They were known by the name of worry rings because at that time if anyone felt worried, he or she simply had to spin the upper portion of the ring on the finger, and immediately a deep feeling of relaxation was induced. Now those worry rings are called meditation rings and people around the world have started using them for their meditation purpose and most importantly to stay calm and relaxed.


How can one use these rings?

In case you are planning to buy attractive and useful meditation rings or you already own them but do not know how to use them, here are some helpful points for you!

  1. One needs to put the ring on the finger in which he or she feels most comfortable. The ring shouldn’t feel tight or loose on the finger
  2. The creative making, as well as the use of the ring, helps keep your mind focused on the present moment. The constant movement of fingers on the ring helps you get rid of the tension. These rings come with an outer spinning band and you simply have to rotate the same to get a relaxed feeling.
  3. While spinning the band on this ring, it is strongly suggested that one must take deep breaths. Balanced deep inhale and exhale process along with the spinning movement of the ring creates a wonderful state of peace for the mind.


Superb benefits offered by the meditation healing rings

  1. While the spinner rings in various gemstones like moonstone jewelry, larimar jewelry, labradorite jewelry, etc., are highly popular and in demand for their soothing effect and capability of removing stress from the wearer’s mind, they are also known for other features and properties.
  2. One of the important meditation ring benefits is related to karma (the deeds). It is said that the frequent spinning of these rings promotes good feelings and encourages one to do good deeds.
  3. The power of meditation rings is also effective in warding off evil or negative thoughts. Hence, when you wear these rings and use them in the right way, you stay protected from negativity.
  4. Those who want to invite good luck and prosperity in their lives can also get help from these amazing spinner bands. They are known for attracting good luck and opulence.
  5. These rings are also popular as they are such an amazing option of meditation that can be carried everywhere, anytime! You can have them with you, always!

Lastly, we would like to say that the meditation rings are a wonderful blend of healing benefits and beauty. They do not only help you avail multiple healing benefits but also help enhance your style quotient. Available in many alluring designs and unique combos of sterling silver and gemstones, these rings ensure that one gets a classy look. If you face a lot of stress or anxiety issues, you must check out the brilliant options available in the wide array of wholesale meditation silver rings and shop for the one that matches your choice.

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  • Neveah
    Aug 2, 2022, 7:02:56 AM

    I was crawling on the internet about meditation jewelry on google, I found this blog page. I read it carefully. A good blog page that provides wide information for gemstones. I choose Larimar, this jewelry is apt for me to reduce my stress and soothe me.

  • Edlisa
    Dec 7, 2022, 9:24:20 AM

    Meditation rings help in protecting the wearer from negativity

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