Interesting Stories About Fordite Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Posted: Monday, August 12, 2019
Interesting Stories About Fordite Jewelry


Generally, the gemstones are formed with the slow accumulation of sedimentary layers but the one we are talking about here is a result of layers of car paint. WHAT? Yes, Fordite is a famous stone with the most astonishing story. Also known as Motor Agate and Detroit Agate, Fordite is created well above the ground in the auto plants of Detroit, Michigan. HOW?
Well, let’s take you to the era of 1920 to 1940s where Henry Ford was about to roll his products from the assembly line and get them painted. The painting process at that time was very time consuming and tedious. It required several days to paint a car as after every one layer of lacquer, you had to wait for it to dry and the layers were quoted literally n number of times. Indeed, as a result, the productions were slower and the costs were increasing.
Finding out a better way, DuPont in conjunction with General Motors, developed a nitrocellulose paint lacquer that dried fast and comes in several colors. They also developed the spray method of coloring which actually eliminated the meaningless process of painting with a brush over and over again. In the 1930s, a new paint known as enamel came into the market. It could be baked directly on the car’s frame and would last longer with better shine over the period of the time. Woah! The production turned out to be faster and painting a vehicle became an easy job. Now, the automobile would be mounted on assembly stand, pulled to the painting, sprayed all over and finally baked for the color to settle. The paint sprayed over the walls and assembly stands while coloring the vehicle also used to be baked, turning into a hard thick product called Fordite.


To state the fact, Fordite is rarer amongst most of the stones, including diamonds. Yes, from the 1980s, the cars were no longer painted like this, there had been no spillage of the color on the assembly stands and walls. So, ya, the Fordite has a very limited supply. Those who are looking for some real Silver Fordite Jewelry, beware, there are many merchants who are trying to sell fabricated Fordite.
Gemexi is a good place to buy genuine and economical Silver Fordite Jewelry. Here the process of Silver Fordite Jewelry making starts with polishing after the Fordite is sliced out. As per the varied shapes and sizes, they are sorted and then crafted carefully to make a unique piece of Silver Fordite Jewelry. The Fordite jewelry items which we commonly keep are Fordite rings, Fordite pendants, Fordite earrings, and Fordite necklace. Our Fordite jewelry collection is insanely unique. Every piece is vibrant, different and can be a great conversation starter. (Do you know how this stone came into being?) Come, collect your favorite piece from the legendary history of automobiles and be the first one in your group to flaunt it.
Just to add a little to your desire of owning this stone, Fordite is known to enhance the patience in a person. It helps in exploring the unexplored side of yours and thereby making life more happening and worth living. It induces flexibility in your behavior and gets your hidden talent on the surface.

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