Gemstone Jewelry Trends That Are Coming

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Mar 19, 2020
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Gemstone Jewelry Trends That Are Coming

It is no secret that jewelry and gemstones are a part and parcel of fashion and their trends keep changing. Keeping up with the times and being aware of the latest trends will help you buy what’s new in the market. For a gemstone aficionado, it is important to know the top jewelry trends of the year so that you can make it a part of your collection. So what are the new designs for 2018?
Color of the Season
Gemstones are most easily identified by colors. Their bright colors attract people and lure them to buy and wear them as new gemstone jewelry. Every year we see a trending color ruling the charts and becoming the top favorite among celebs and social media influencers. This year, according to the Pantone Color Institute (a premier institution on color matching and branding) declared UltraViolet the color of the year. According to them, it is a trending color in the jewelry market. Pantone specifies that any gemstone with hues of purple and blue can be under the color category of the year. In metaphysical terms, ultra violet color signifies mystical and celestial. Some of the gemstones that are making a splash because they fall under the ultraviolet color of the year category are – 
  • Amethyst –The violet and reddish-purple colored gemstone have been a favorite gemstone for a very long time. Not just among common people but amethyst has always been a favorite among royalty and nobility. Wearing an amethyst gemstone adds a classic touch to anybody’s wardrobe and elevates their beauty manifold. 
  • Tanzanite – This violet colored stone has been popularised as an affordable substitute for sapphire. In the last few decades since its discovery, Tanzanite has become popular for its hardness but 2018 is the year of this gemstone. 
  • Sapphire – When it comes to violet-colored stones who can ignore the dazzling hues of sapphire? One of the most stunning gemstones ever known to mankind, 2018 is truly the year of this brilliant stone. 
Trending Look for a Modern Woman
According to jewelry experts, 2018 is the year of the modern woman and her jewelry choices. Minimalist and statement style are all that a modern woman wants today. She is looking for new designs and latest ways of using the newest gemstone discoveries. Let’s take a look at who these modern women are and what styles they are looking at. 
  • The tech-savvy modern woman who is balancing her life which though is dependent on technology is adopting healthier lifestyles. She finds comforts in sculptural shapes, laser-cutting techniques, and designs that reflect her in every way. 
  • The romantic woman who is a playful collector and likes conserving different fashion styles. Her choices in jewelry are a mix of breezy lightness, old-world charm and also a modern recreation of antique. 
  • The sustainable woman who believes in conserving the environment and promotes locally-made products and disregards global fashion power houses. She buys local, she likes indigenous styles that reflect a particular culture’s history but however isn’t wary of technology. The modern woman likes her jewelry made using 3D printers, laser cutting, etching etc. 
  • The woman who is an explorer and an entrepreneur look at jewelry with an eye of a skilled person. She likes her jewelry designs to be useful, layered and likes to play mix and match. You can see her wearing functional, modern, minimal jewelry that has tiny gemstones on them. 
Shapes That Make The Difference
Just like certain gemstones are in trend this year, there are some shapes that are trending in 2018. Heart shapes are back in trend and are being used in silhouettes and gemstones. Chandelier-shaped designs are also popular this season and their asymmetric shapes, use of tiny drops of gemstones are appealing to the modern woman. Hard stones (stones that are opaque) are increasingly being used to make a statement and bold jewelry. These stones are being used to highlight bold shapes on designs. 
2018 is the year of the modern woman who unapologetically wears her jewelry and is displaying her fashion choices with aplomb. All the styles, gemstones choices and jewelry designs that are reigning this year are a reflection on how far a modern woman has come and how much she is achieved in terms of self-confidence and assurance.  

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