A New Jewelry Line Collection Of Fairy Stone

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  • Posted: Friday, September 20, 2019
A New Jewelry Line Collection Of Fairy Stone


If Fairy Stones have been your favorite gemstones and you are looking for some of the most beautiful and creative jewelry patterns carved out of the same, you ought to visit Gemexi! We have introduced a whole new jewelry line which is virtuously dedicated to the beauty and celebration of fairy stones. We constantly strive to bring you the best quality gemstones and jewelry which is certified and 100% real. We provide value for money and the latest design jewelry. Our recently launched new jewelry line collection made up of fairy stones not only defines the unique exquisiteness hidden in these stones but also reflects the inventiveness of our artisans. Our amazing and must buy fairy stone jewelry collection consists of silver fairy stone jewelry such as fairy stone earrings, fairy stone pendants, fairy stone rings, fairy stone necklace and much more. But before you know more about our wholesale fairy stone jewelry collection, here we bring to you information about fairy stone gemstone, its benefits, and uses.

Overview of fairy stone gemstone

This is a naturally occurring semi-precious stone that is formed out of calcium carbonate. It is created in the permeable layers of the basin when fine sand which is argillaceous is mixed with limestone cement. The basins are created by glaciers that are diminishing. These stones are abundantly found in Canada’s Harricana River. These stones occur in unusual shaped and ovoid sizes as they are naturally formed mineral deposits. They occur in color range from chalky white to grey-brown. You can find them naturally occurring in Canada, Morocco, British Isles, Scandinavia and in the United States.

Benefits and Uses of Fairy stone

 There are numerous physical, emotional and spiritual healing properties of fairy stone. 

  • Just like fairies, this stone is considered a lucky charm and it has the energy to connect with people of the natural world.
  • Its calming and soothing energy frees one from fears, stress, and anxieties.
  • If you want to quit a bad habit or addiction then this stone will give you the energy for it. 
  • It helps to connect with the inner energies to face challenges in life.
  • It helps to improve the personal and professional life of the wearer and the people around them.
  • It connects the wearer with the mother earth and gives a feeling of conservation.
  • This stone is meant for females who want to harness their inner power to improve their lives.
  • It is a good stone for those suffering from fever, depression and anxiety attacks or even arthritic pains. It can also dissolve calcifications.
  • People suffering from disorders related to cellular growth can be benefited from this stone.
  • It will also improve your romantic relationship too and make you more committed.



How to get the best out of Fairy stone gemstone?

Wear this stone in a way that it remains close to your heart so that your grounding and calming energies are enhanced. Wearing it as a pendant is quite beneficial. If you have an issue of bad dreams then you can place this stone under your pillow. Pair it with Merlinite to get the best benefits from fairy stone.
Highlights of our fairy stone jewelry line
Check out our entire collection of fairy stone jewelry which is freshly-designed and embedded with the best quality fairy stones. With numerous stone size, shape and color variations, there is something for everyone. 

  1. Innovatively designed jewelry – Check innumerable designs that mark the transformation of ideas into the personal work of art.
  2. Get perfectly customized fairy stone jewelry – Though our fairy stone jewelry line consists of multiple thoughtful designs, we are yet open for customization and hence, we welcome any input from our clientele.  
  3. Unique and amazing jewelry forms– Dazzle your eyes with our enchanting jewelry forms including fairy stone earrings, rings, necklaces, and pendants. Each of these pieces will help you get a sober yet very fascinating look. 
  4. Authentic and Natural Fairy Stone – It is said that hundreds of years ago fairies were dancing around a spring of water and that they crystallized and formed the beautiful crosses called fairy stones. We ensure collecting only the natural gemstones and form it into splendid jewelry for you!
  5. Serving all sorts of taste in jewelry – Keeping in mind the various choices of everyone, we have come up with plentiful designs that well serve the jewelry taste of each of our customers. 


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