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Fairy Stone - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Crystals have the beauty that is certainly unmatchable even in terms of their powers. They bring in all the much needed positive effects into life and thus, making life smooth and easier. It is just not only that they also add beauty to us. They are like a package of both beauty and positivity to life.  If you are the one who is looking around for something that gets in good luck and prosperity into your life, then here is the good news. There is this stone called the lovely looking ‘Fairy Stone’, the wondrous gemstone which is carved into various shapes and sizes by Mother Nature.

You can choose your favorite jewel design to get fairy stone all for yourself. Pieces like pendants, cute little finger rings, ear drops, bracelets are all beautiful with fairy stone in them.  Now, it’s time to add some style along with positive vibes. 

Here we dive you through more interesting information and various facts of this interesting and attractive Fairy Stone.

Healing Properties

These Stones Help You Connect with the Creatures of Other Realms – Using the beautiful Fairy Stones you may get the opportunity to establish a connection with the other realms of the universe.

The Stones Help in Enhancing Communication – The obstacles in communication are smoothly removed with the help of Fairy Stones. The stones make you express your thoughts in a lucid way. Thus, people who get stuck while communicating with others can benefit from the use of Fairy Stones. Also, the aid of the stone in making you more expressive.

Fairy stones Are Considered to Provide Protection - Fairy stones are also known for their property of providing protection. If you feel unsafe or unprotected in any way, you can take the help of these stones to stay guarded against the negative energy or an evil eye.

They Help Remove the Bad Energy – One of the significant properties of Fairy Stones includes the presence of unique creative energy. The stone has the power to remove the bad energies from the surrounding of the user and safeguard him or her.

The Fairy Stones Let You Concentrate on the Happy Moments of Your Life – If you often miss celebrating the small happy moments of your life, Fairy Stone can help you with this issue too. It will let you realize the worth and joy of even the smallest of beautiful life moments. Thus, once you start using these amazing stones, you will notice that have started feeling happy even for small reasons.

Fairy Stone Brings in Good Luck – Have you been feeling that good luck never knocks at your destiny? Do you crave to have good luck in your life? If yes, these beautiful looking stones are there to provide help! Well, the one thing about this crystal is that it is full of positive things for the user and surely brings in good luck to all the people in possession of this crystal. Hence, start using these stones and see, how life brings in good luck for you!

It Helps Build Up the Confidence - Primarily, this crystal stone helps in building up the confidence in all the people who are lacking it. It brings in the power of confidence and hence, no more fears with Fairy stone on your side. Also, it makes the person feel calm, relaxed and thus, less scared. 

It Helps You Strengthen Your Relationships - Suffering from a rough phase in a relationship?! Fairy stone crystal is there for your rescue. It harmonizes your relationship by getting in peace between the loved ones. 

You Can Drive Away Negative Feelings Using the Fairy Stone - The fairy stone helps drive away feelings like jealousy and anger completely out. Now you no longer have to worry about anger taking over you. Fairy stone drives out the jealous out of your heart. 

It Instils Hope in You - The stone is capable of bringing hope in you. What is life without hope? Nothing at all right! Fairy stone is the best in relieving you from all the mental pain and agony that you might have gone through. It brings back hope into life making it beautiful and meaningful to live. 

The Stone Helps You Connect with Your Inner Self - It helps you connect better with your inner self and finally creates harmony with your own-self. 

It Helps Achieve Your Goals Easily - Now with fairy stone in your side, it is much easier to achieve life’s goal in a much easier manner. It also gets you a clear vision of what are all the best choices for your future. It’s your turn to choose one wisely. 

The Fairy Stone Helps Enhance Creativity - Unleash the creative side in you. It helps to bring out the inner child and so, the brighter and the creative side in you.  

Fairy Stone Facts

The fairy stones are believed to invite wealth and prosperity in life. Those who are combating the problem of financial weakness and problems can benefit using these beautiful Fairy Stones.
Here, is a true story about the sacred formation of this crystal stone. Long ago dating back to hundreds of years, it was said that a group of fairies was blissfully playing around the spring waters in Fairy stone state park. Just then, a messenger traveling from a fair off city came down and delivered them the tragic news of Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion. The fairies started to cry so hard that their tears fell down on to the earth. The tears crystallized and formed beautiful fairy stones mostly in the shape of a cross. People claim that they get hold of these crystals almost every day as they are abundant in number. It is also said that the rain gets move stones into play. 

It is also said and believed that the Fairy Stones are found only with good eyes. Probably, that means it is seen only by good-hearted people or so. Whatever it might be, but the formation of this crystal stone looks divine and sacred. 

It is also widely believed that the Fairy Stones are deeply connected with fairies in this world.

Metaphysical Properties

This chalky white colored crystal stones called the Fairy stones to have healing capacity that takes over all the negative impacts on life. It provides soothing relief to the tension in the nervous system. It is more concentrated in healing one own-self. The Fairy Stones also help get relief from stress, anxiety, depression and other forms of mental pain. This wonder crystal also addresses hormonal imbalances in the body paving the way to a healthy body and mind. Couples having issues with fertility opt for this crystal and get them resolved or answered. The fairy stones also help achieve the right balance of calcium in the human body. They are also known to lessen the problem of inflammation. Using these stones, one can speed up the healing of wounds and cuts.

The one question that you might be having is the ways in which this stone has to be used. Well, here is a detailed view of the same. 

• It is said that wearing this stone near the heart helps all the vital and positive energies to flow in the body. 
• You can also have it right under your pillow or the bed for a better quality of sleep and healthy dreams. 
• Maintains a healthy environment in the house when placed. Also helps to regulate and harmonize relationship with loved ones. 
• Make sure to carry this stone when you have set out on a long and adventurous trip for safety and good luck to you. 
• Helps in restoring your energies to you. 
• Did you know that the fairy stone plays an important role in helping you quit all unhealthy habits for a healthy life? 
• Wearing or having this stone in combination with other influential stones is proved to be highly beneficial.
• Some of the best combinations to use the fairy stone with are angel phantom quartz, indigo, amethyst, unakite, blue sapphire, golden danburite, shaman stones, green kyanite, dream quartz, sugilite, spirit quartz,  prasiolite, etc are proved to be best combinations. 

Fairy Stone In News

Fairy Stone Color

The appearance of this crystal is basically chalky including the soothing shades of white, grey and crème. It also resembles the Christian Cross. The fairy stone is made up of calcium carbonate that got formed as a result of seafloor sedimentary mud rock, fossilized crystal deposits, mineral accretions etc. Though it is said that the shapes of this stone is carved by nature, but the scientific aspect of their shapes tell a different thing altogether. It is said that the irregularities in the environmental conditions and the mineral deposits are the reasons behind the unique shapes and patterns of the Fairy Stone.


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