5 Crystals To Carry This Halloween For Protection & Good Energy

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Oct 28, 2021
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5 Crystals To Carry This Halloween For Protection & Good Energy

Healing crystals and Halloween…

Halloween is around the corner and we’re sure you must have started carving pumpkins with your little ones already. Oh, the sweet smell of caramel apples and pumpkin pies! But hold up - do you realize you’re missing out on something huge while picking out spooky costumes and decking the treat basket? Well, Halloween is believed to be the most frightening night of the year and we bet you don’t want uninvited “guests” visiting you on that day. So, how are you going to ward off negative energies on Halloween eve? Don’t perspire, we have a solution for you - crystals! Yes, healing crystals may be what you’re going to need on Halloween to keep the devil aside. Read this article to find out which are the best crystals for Halloween.

In the meantime, why not unfurl the science behind crystals and healing? Come, let’s take a quick dip!

Ever wondered how do crystals actually work? Here, let’s find out

Stress, illness, negativity - the reasons for introducing crystal therapy may be many but there’s one standing fact - crystals do help in erasing these and lots more negative elements from life. How? Let’s understand:
  1. Some experts believe that crystals emit a strong frequency of positive vibrations that does away with all sorts of negativity subsisting in our mind and body and channels healthy and upbeat vibes.
  2. Here’s another argument. When people use a crystal with the belief that it will aid in solving a critical issue, most of the time, it actually does. This is called the placebo effect and crystals are believed to be a strong prompter of this psychological phenomenon.
  3. Also, some believe that since crystals are fully natural, they are able to channel the energies of the sun, moon, and other natural elements to soothe and heal our chakras for physical and mental wellness.

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Top crystals to carry for protection and positivity on Halloween

If you’re curious to find out which are the best crystals to go for on Halloween, think no more. Here’s presenting 5 best crystals to carry this Halloween for protection and good energy:
  1. Black Tourmaline

Top on the list for a reason! Black Tourmaline is widely known for developing an immensely powerful energy grid and keeping negative energy at bay. In fact, it also keeps you protected against psychic attacks and calms you down in times of anxiety or fear. Still need any more reasons to get one this Halloween?
  1. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is undeniably one of the best crystals for warding off negative energy and transfusing positivity and healthy vibrations. So, if you’re carrying one in your pocket this Halloween, you might as well just put the thought of any negative force disturbing your wellness to sleep. That’s it!
  1. Pyrite

If you haven’t gotten yourself a Pyrite yet, it’s high time you must. Don’t worry, we’ll list the reasons why you should own one. This golden stone is a godsend for securing positive energy and eliminating all sorts of negativity - physical, mental, and even supernatural. What could be a better pick for Halloween, we wonder?
  1. Black Obsidian

Calming, soothing, and full of positivity - that’s how we describe this obscure but amazing stone. This black obsidian crystal is yet another stunner when it comes to protection and spreading good energy. Just like the color black, the stone absorbs negative energy and diffuses positivity. So take the cue and get one for Halloween right now!
  1. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye on the list of crystals for protection and good energy? We know, you saw it coming! Known as the ultimate stone for protection, Tiger’s Eye may certainly be the best pick for Halloween as it is a certified harbinger of positivity and protection. So, don’t let the order fool you - pick a Tiger’s Eye crystal this Halloween for staying guarded and averting unhealthy energy.

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Tips on how to use these powerful crystals for diffusing positivity

Crystals can be used in a variety of ways to promote positivity and protection. But on Halloween, try these funnily clever methods of using crystals to jazz up the celebrations while keeping yourself safe and sound:
  1. Quirky Halloween jewelry

Wearing a spooky costume is not enough. This year, primp up your Halloween look by adding a twist of customized, Halloween-themed crystal jewelry to your outfit that not only makes you look grimmer and creepier but also keeps you away from the real ghosts and ghouls.
  1. Halloween decor

Aren’t you all revved up for that super fun Halloween decor? We guess you are. So here’s a little secret decor tip for you. This Halloween, amp up your house party by adding the element of crystals to it. Place your crystals around the house and see how it brings the party to life while spreading protective vibes.
  1. Halloween costume add-on

Ditch that same, old look for Halloween 2021! This time, carry creepy crystals to spruce up your Halloween costume. Maybe a crystal cross or a gemstone studded witch hat? Sounds great to us. Carrying crystals on Halloween is a great idea for so many reasons.

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Crystals keep you away from negative energy and take your Halloween look up the ante. So this year, don’t forget to add crystals to your Halloween essentials list.

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  • Abrina
    Aug 19, 2022, 7:14:07 AM

    Does a crystal work for neglecting negative vibes? Tiger's eye is my birthstone, If I wear this stone, Could this work for me?

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