Halloween Jewelry Gift Ideas For Family

By Gemexi Team | Gifts and ocassions
  • Updated On Oct 20, 2021
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Halloween Jewelry Gift Ideas For Family

Halloween - the joyful celebration of the spookiest time of the year!

The arrival of fall is special for a lot of reasons. It’s the time of the year when the much-awaited holidays are waiting to knock at our doors and everyone is busy gearing up for the looming celebrations. But, what adds a pinch of fun to all this anticipation and preparation is this super exciting festival called Halloween. Creepy costumes, Jack O’ Lanterns, trick or treats - this uncanny party is perhaps the best way to kickstart the long and cozy holiday season! But, how can you make Halloween special? Well, one way to bump up the Halloween party is by adding the element of gifts to it. After all, what better “treat” than surprising your loved one with stunning jewelry gifts on Halloween? So, read this article and find out which jewelry pieces are a perfect fit for gifting on this day! But first, let’s find out about the crux of Halloween and why it is celebrated!

The trick treats, and lots of gifts - let’s check out why Halloween is celebrated

Most of us know of Halloween as a festival where people put up fancy costumes and go trick and treating. But, is that it? No! The ancient tradition behind celebrating Halloween is quite a mind-boggler and we’re sure you don’t yet know about it. Observed on the 31st of October and notoriously known to be the “scariest night of the year”, Halloween, Allhallows, or the All Saints’ Eve is a Christian religious festival that is hugely popular among the folks of the US, UK, Ireland, Mexico, Italy, and Portugal. But, that’s not how it always used to be. Some 2,000 years back, the Celtics celebrated New Year on the 1st of November as for them, this day marked the halt of the scorching summers and the beginning of winters - precisely connoting human death. This is also why they believed that on the night before the New Year, the boundary parting the worlds of the living and the dead became faint. So, they began the tradition of celebrating Samhain - the festival where people would light bonfires and don spooky costumes to shoo away ghosts. Later, the traditions of Samhain fused into the All Saints’ Day and so, the festival of Halloween came into existence. Baffling, no?

Forget about treats! Here are 5 super fun Halloween jewelry gift ideas for your family

Yes, we know that Halloween may not be the most popular occasion for gifting jewelry, but let’s be honest - who needs a reason to surprise their family with something as timeless as a piece of the jewel? So, check out some of the chicest handmade jewelry for Halloween 2021 from Gemexi’s exclusive “Halloween Jewelry Collection” and make your pick:
  • Bracelet

Bracelets for Halloween? Why not! The slender look and the subtle simplicity of this ornament always manage to win our hearts. But, how about a not-so-subtle, totally offbeat Halloween bracelet for a change? Bedecked with gemstones and painted in the sober Halloween palette, just look at this Carnelian and Onyx bracelet in 925 sterling silver. How beautifully does it manifest the traditional Halloween vibes!
  • Pendant

 Halloween Pendants are one of the most preferred gift options when it comes to gifting jewelry. And well, that explains why. A slim chain with a symbolic charm dangling in the midst - who wouldn’t want that for a present? But wait. At Gemexi, we have something completely out of the box for you this Halloween. Here, check out this Onyx and Coral pendant with flower motifs to get a teaser.

  • Earring

Talking of jewelry and not mentioning earrings? That’s downright criminal! Cute, versatile, and dear to every woman out there - earrings could very well make for the perfect Halloween gift for the ladies of your family. In fact, how about gifting them a pair of these Halloween-themed Carnelian and Onyx earrings? Sounds like a good choice to us.

  • Ring

Surprising your partner with a special ring is always a great idea. But come on, we’re talking Halloween here! Spice up your gift a little. Check out this stunning Halloween Carnelian and Onyx ring from Gemexi’s specially curated Halloween collection. Fascinating, right?
  • Necklace

Another superb jewelry gifting item for Halloween! Bathed in gemstones reflecting the Halloween spirit and designed in the classic drooping pattern, this Halloween necklace from the house of Gemexi will spark up your Halloween celebrations for sure.

Gifts have the power to take any celebration up a notch. So this Halloween, take your celebrations to the next level by picking some of the best jewelry gifts for your family from Gemexi’s exclusive “Halloween Jewelry Collection”.

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  • Jameson
    Aug 20, 2022, 6:52:54 AM

    Halloween jewelry gift ideas are one of the best ideas for jewelry as a gift. I gave Halloween bracelets to my family last Christmas. We wear this jewelry mostly when we go out for parties and holidays.

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