What Are the Best Gemstones and Crystals for Anxiety and Depression?

By Gemexi Team | Healing Crystals
  • Updated On Feb 17, 2023
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What Are the Best Gemstones and Crystals for Anxiety and Depression?

‘You are not alone’it’s a phrase we say out loud to provide emotional support to people suffering from depression. When talking about emotional support, we tend to associate it with the human support available around us. We often ignore healing crystals that lend a good hand to depressed and anxious souls out here. Honestly, mental health is an emerging concern for us people, and healing crystals for mental illness are trustworthy! There are crystals that are pioneers in healing issues pertaining to mental health. Trust crystals with anything and everything- from halting excessive negative thoughts to bringing a sense of calm and emotional balance. Read this blog to help people beyond the phrase and gift them healing crystals. In today’s blog, we’ve discussed depression and different gemstones that can aid anxiety and depression. Let’s go!

Depression - A Wide Sea Of Void & Nothingness

A wave of awareness around the globe is not enough to understand Depression. What is with these peculiar and scary emotions that haunt us out of nowhere? Over-analysis of situations almost scrambles the mind. How do we define what depression is if not an inability to exist? On one day you’re on cloud nine, and down in dumps on the other day. What remains unnoticed is that depression is a culmination of various mental and physical illnesses- hormonal imbalance, seasonal change, mood swings, and anxiety. As if everything attacks the person at once. The mind is consumed in thoughts of worthlessness or remorse, ruminating on past failures, or blaming oneself. Stay away from negative thoughts becomes a task too hard. We hope for the world to be a little kinder and a little less overwhelming. Depression comes down to a haunting emptiness- too empty to be filled ever. As if hope is a bad thing…

Check Out These 5 Best Crystals For Mental Wellness And Stress Relief:


1. Carnelian gemstone to shoo away the negative thoughts 

The colors of the gemstone have a deeper meaning and purpose. In the case of Carnelian, the denser and richly colored yellow-orange carnelian opens the door to healing and abundance. The gemstone is as sound as a bell when it arrives at halting excessive negative thoughts. For mental wellness, the first step is getting out of the mental spiral of thoughts- this is where carnelian comes to play.

Symbolizes: Carnelian is an emblem of a healthy and prosperous life.

Also good for treating: Oral Cavity, Indigestion, and infertility. 

2. Citrine gemstone to usher positivity 

What is citrine to a depressed mind? It’s light at the end of the cave. The positive vibrations of citrine make it one of the best crystals for anxiety and depression. Moreover, crystals also help in our manifesting efforts. It cleanses our chakra and escorts stagnant energy out of them. When struggling with stress, wear citrine jewelry to dismiss pent-up stress and see the hope on the horizon!

Symbolizes: Citrine is associated with wealth, joy, and positive energy.

Also good for treating: Detoxifies the body and strengthens digestion and immunity.

3. Tiger’s eye gemstone for mental strength

Let’s say that Tiger’s eye makes one’s mind as strong as a pillar. When navigating our way out of anxiety, we need immense courage and power- Tiger’s eye exactly delivers that! It is connected to the Root chakra of our body. This gemstone is a pioneer in dealing with seasonal depression by unwinding emotions and imparting mental clarity. Tiger’s eye crystal also strengthens relationships, whether platonic or not.

Symbolizes: Tiger's Eye represents self-assurance, mental capabilities, and inner vigor.

Also good for treating: Lethargy, seasonal depression, cough, and cold.

4. Malachite gemstone for managing moodiness

Out of all the crystals for stress relief malachite is a powerful gemstone, a green-hued gem. Its color wears the secrets of the universe. Malachite brings a sense of calm and clarity to the wearer. As a stone of nature, it contains nurturing properties. It balances our mood swings. Apart from its ability to balance the chakras, the gemstone is transformational in uplifting the mind and its mood. Tap into the powers of malachite to deal with mood swings the right way!

Symbolizes: This gemstone is a crystal representation of transformation.
Also good for treating: Menstrual disorders, Intestinal issues, and malaria. 

5. Black Tourmaline gemstone to feel protected 

What’s a better feeling than being protected? We doubt nothing! Black tourmaline is a healing gemstone that contains powers of invisibility cloak. Apart from boosting self-esteem, and providing courage and emotional stability, the black tourmaline scoops out fear from the mind of the wearer. As a stone of protection, black tourmaline is a must-have for literally anybody. Anything black isn't bad after all, eh?

Symbolizes: Safety, steadiness, and preservation are all represented by black tourmaline. 

Also good for treating: Lung problems, spiritual healing, and headaches.

          best crystals for anxiety and depression

How To Use Healing Crystals For Anxiety and Depression? - A Step-by-Step Guide:

Here’s how you can capitalize on the best crystals for anxiety and depression, make sure to follow the steps below: 
  1. Choose a gemstone from the list above that attracts you. It can be a teeny tiny gemstone or as big to fit your fist.
  2. Sit in a quiet and calm environment and wrap your fingers around the gemstone. 
  3. Observe the sensation upon holding the gemstone. Bring your attention to its texture and how it feels.
  4. Tune into the various sounds present in your surroundings and become aware of them.
  5. Now, slowly open your eyes. Give a soft glance at the stone. Notice the lines, patterns, and colors of the gem.
  6. Return your focus to the crystal and take note of the sensations in your palm and fingers.
  7. Reflect upon how it felt to direct your focus on the stone. Do you feel any better now?
When treating depression and anxiety, we’re encouraged to go to a therapist. Now, that’s all well and good but you must not ignore the crystal therapy. There are certain crystals for anxiety and sleep that are used in practices of crystal therapy. In the present times, nothing is enough and we need all the metaphysical help that we can get to feel better apart from the traditional medications. Know that both go hand in hand.

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    Nov 22, 2022, 9:41:30 AM

    I have a Citrine gemstone ring and that creates a positive aura around me.

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