5 Wonderful Occasions To Give Gemstone Jewelry As Gifts

By Gemexi Team | Gifts and ocassions
  • Updated On Oct 11, 2021
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5 Wonderful Occasions To Give Gemstone Jewelry As Gifts

Gemstone, gifts, and everything in between...

They say you realize how little you know about a person when you have to gift them something. How true, isn’t it? You may be knowing a person for years, yet go all nuts when choosing the perfect gift for them. It’s actually a proven fact, you know. When the time arrives to gift a loved one, even the wisest people go blank. But maybe, it’s not their fault at all. With so many options out there, anyone can get all that “Alice in Wonderland” kind of feels. And in such chaos, gifting jewelry is not only the safest but also the smartest move. After all, when it comes to gifting, thoughts count. And what could make for a more thoughtful gift than a piece of splendid, exquisite jewelry?

So, read this article and find out which are the 5 best occasions to gift jewelry. But first, let’s dive deeper and understand what makes jewelry such an awesome gift option.

Jewelry and gifts - what makes it such a wonderful duo?

If you’re still in two minds about whether gifting special occasions jewelry is worth it or not, read this:
  • Jewelry is endeared 

Almost everyone loves being gifted something as precious and invaluable as a piece of jewelry. So, even if the other person is extremely picky, if you gift them jewels, you can be sure about them liking it beyond your expectations.
  • Jewelry is meaningful

So much so that gifting one is almost synonymous with shaping your thoughts, your feelings into something tangible and aesthetically pleasing. How subtle, no?
  • Jewelry is versatile

Whether it’s men or women, old or young - when it comes to jewelry, there’s something in store for everyone. Another great reason to pick jewelry for a gift!  

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5 special occasions for giving gemstone jewelry gifts

  • Weddings and engagements

Jewelry for weddings, special occasions are coveted for a reason! A wedding is perhaps the most momentous day of anyone’s life. So if they want you to be a part of it, the least you could do is try making the occasion all the more unforgettable for them. And the most epic way of doing so is by gifting them precious gemstone jewelry for a gift. After all, jewelry is forever!
  • Birthdays

Birthdays are a whole different vibe. There’s plenty of food, plenty of people, and of course - plentiful of gifts. So if you really want your gift to shine out amid all the many gifts packed in flashy wrappers, trust us, gifting jewelry is the best idea. Maybe some special Birthday occasion gifts? Oh yes!
  • Anniversary

Have you ever wondered why literally every store hosts a specially curated range of jewelry for anniversaries on display? Well, that’s because gifting jewelry on anniversaries is common, almost traditional. So the next time you’re going to someone’s anniversary, don’t even think twice - follow the tradition get them a gemstone jewelry gift!
  • Christmas

Isn’t the holiday season absolutely adorable? Family gathering around the Christmas tree, the smell of piping hot Pumpkin pie floating in the air, and kids waking up early to unwrap Santa’s gift. How nostalgic! But take our advice. This year, don’t wait for Santa. Make your Christmas special by gifting your beloved pristine gemstone jewelry and end the year with happiness.
  • Valentine’s day

Arguably one of the best occasions to gift jewelry. Trust us on this, if you’re finding it difficult to express your feelings to “the one”, gift them a piece of jewelry on this valentine and let the bijou do the talking. Honestly speaking, this never fails!

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Spoil your loved one with Gemexi’s curated range of exclusive gemstone jewelry

Do you have an occasion coming up and want to gift nothing but the best? Do you want to get your hands on jewelry gifts for bridesmaids or maybe a gift for him under $100? Hunt no more, we got your back. With Gemexi’s amazing range of exclusively curated gemstone jewelry, find your perfect gift. Here’s our top pick for every occasion:
  • Jewelry for weddings

From Gemexi’s exclusive “Engagement Jewelry Collection”
  • Jewelry for birthday

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  • Jewelry for anniversary

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  • Jewelry for Christmas

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  • Jewelry for him and her

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Gifting jewelry on special occasions is a great idea for many reasons. So, don’t forget to swipe through Gemexi’s bespoke collection, next time you think of gifting something that lasts forever.

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  • Jose
    Aug 22, 2022, 6:23:28 AM

    Gifts are the best little things which make happy to everyone. I gave my wife a turquoise ring as a birthday gift. This is her birthstone for December. She loves this ring. I like gifting rings on special occasions to my dear ones.

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