Stag Party Meaning & Jewelry Gifts From India

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  • Updated On Oct 7, 2021
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Stag Party Meaning & Jewelry Gifts From India

Stag party - everything you need to know

People say it is on their “big day” that the bride and bridegroom get all jumpy and jittery. We don’t think that’s true. After all, making the arrangements for the much-awaited, pre-wedding bachelor party ain’t no joke. Many people spend all their lives making insane plans and bucket lists for their best friend’s stag! But while most people are indulged in the plans and preps, one thing that cent percent of them miss out planning on is the gift! Yes, you heard that right. If you’re on the stag celebration buddy” list, it’s probably your responsibility to get the bride or the bridegroom, a gift that they never asked for but certainly, lowkey desired. Like a good friend, you must not skim over this possibly “once in a lifetime” moment because let’s admit this, these days won’t come back. So, read this article and find out why jewelry is perhaps the best stag party gift you can ever think of.

Unfurling stag party meaning and why it is celebrated?

Bachelorette, stag do, hen stag, Jack and Jill, buck and doe - a stag party is known by multiple names across the globe. But, what does it actually mean? Let’s find out. Essentially, a bachelorette is the celebration of an individual’s final days of bachelorhood. Such parties are generally thrown by the bridegrooms-to-be and are attended only by their male friends. Alternatively, brides-to-be also throw such notorious “hen-stag” parties, typically a day ahead of their wedding.

5 lesser-known (and absolutely staggering) facts about the Bachelor party

Stag parties may sound like some usual fun-filled boys’ night out. But listen closely, it’s more than that. Here’s spilling some mind-boggling bachelorette facts you probably weren’t aware of:
  • Usually, the peak season for throwing stag parties is between May and July. This means people from all around the world prefer to celebrate their bachelor party mostly in these months only and so the weekends of these three months are tucked with stag celebrations. Now you know why Vegas is always stuffed, especially around this time.
  • If you think stags and alcoholism go hand in hand, then you’re probably very wrong and outdated. These days, sober stag parties are trending. In fact, many people intentionally avoid serving alcohol or going to a pub on their stag to enjoy a rather quality time with their family and friends. Quite a bummer, no?
  • Stag parties are slowly becoming a mini-getaway. We’re not kidding! Some people go out of the way and travel to a whole different country, only for celebrating this one night of absolute freedom with their friend, before he ultimately gives in to his married life. Extreme, we know!

Some awesome Stag party jewelry gifts to make the occasion all the more memorable

If you’re invited to attend a stag and you have no clue what to gift, here are some of the best jewelry gifts you can surprise your dear bride or bridegroom-to-be with:
  • Pendant

Just like a souvenir that never goes out of style, pendants were, are, and will continue to be the top jewelry item to give as a gift. And that explains why - pendants are classy, minimal, and something one can always wear. In fact, in India, silver pendants are given as a gift on many occasions simply because they are believed to be a harbinger of good health and fortune. Besides, that’s one memorable gift, isn’t it?
  • Ring

Rings are another great option for you if you want to gift your bestie something seriously great right before he/she is getting hitched. Subtle and chic, gemstone rings are a lot more than just a mere piece of metal and stone. They carry immense healing values, special significance, and obviously, look so, so rad! And to say you’ll see almost every Indian wearing at least one gemstone stag ring would be a gross understatement - they’re so legit obsessed with it!
  • Bracelet

Friendship bands but make them long-lasting and truly exquisite! Bracelets will forever remain a charm dear to people because hey, remember how we celebrated Friendship Day back in school with jewelry? In fact, Indians truly believe in bracelet supremacy because men or women, everyone loves this piece of jewel that adorns their wrist. So, gifting one of these to your best buddy in their stag party? Hell yes!

  1. Cufflinks

If you want to give a special thing to your close male friends and you are confused about what we should give to them? Then here is the best choice you can select, which is CUFFLINKS. What if? A man can wear a piece of jewelry that’s suitable with both functional and professional attire. Indeed, you’ll get complimented by people. Cufflinks might be traditionally associated with men’s semi-formal evening wear. You can choose cufflinks in various styles/ types and materials.  
  1. Silver Chain 

If your male friend is throwing a stag party and you want to give him a special present so you can go for Silver Chain as a gift to him. It will look more classy, graceful, and authentic. Because males mostly love to wear a silver chain on every occasion, whether formal or informal or semi-formal, a Silver chain can go with every type of attire. Sterling silver chains are available in different shapes, sizes, and styles, including Curb, Byzantine, Figaro, Belcher, Braided, etc.


Gifting special gemstone jewelry at stag parties is one hell of an idea. So go ahead, surprise your best friend who is soon to get married with a piece of jewelry they’ll always cherish.

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  • Ryder
    Aug 22, 2022, 6:33:08 AM

    It is a nice idea for bachelor party jewelry. I gave a turquoise pendant to my little brother for his bachelor party. Its shiny blue color made him unique at that party. He thanked me for this beautiful little gift.

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