20 Unique Jewelry Birthday Gifts for Him or Her Under $100

By Gemexi Team | Gifts and ocassions
  • Updated On Aug 21, 2021
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20 Unique Jewelry Birthday Gifts for Him or Her Under $100

Birthdays are those important days when you get an opportunity to delight your loving ones in various ways. One of the most important ways is buying fabulous gifts that deeply delight the person who receives them. Beautiful jewelry makes for a wonderful gift option. Surprisingly, you can find many alluring jewelry options under your budget. In a nutshell, you can buy gifts that look luxurious, feel great, and also, do not create a hole in your pocket!

In this article, we discuss 20 superb and incredibly beautiful jewelry gifts (for him/her) under $100. You can discover even more options (of the below-mentioned categories) in the range of wholesale handmade jewelry for gifts.

  • Healing Pointed Crystal Pendant for Him/her –

Choose the super chic crystal pendants that mostly come with a raw crystal in the wire-wrapped design. These pointed crystals are the right choice when you’re looking for unique jewelry birthday gifts for a man or woman.
  • Lightweight Studs in Silver for Her –

Discover a wide array of charming designs in sterling silver studs for women. They look trendy and adorable for every occasion and are super-comfy to wear!

  • Peridot Tree of Life Bracelet –

Gift your man the stylish and unique tree of life bracelets made of peridot stone bracelets. They come with adjustable settings for comfort fit.
  • Trendy Pearl Jewelry for Her–

If pearls are your girl’s favorite possessions, delight her with the following jewelry options on her birthday. She will love and cherish them!
  • Pearl studs
  • Pearl pendant
  • Pearl bracelet
  • Pearl necklace


  • Sterling Silver and Mother of Pearl Cufflinks for Him–

One of the most elegant and unique jewelry birthday gifts for him includes the Mother of Pearl cufflinks done with sterling silver. Don’t believe that you get them under $100? Find yourself online and you’ll believe us!
  • Stacking Bracelet in Rose Gold for Him or Her–

Stacking bracelets are the latest trend. They look voguish and expensive. You can buy them in lovely rose gold metal and surprise your loving friend, family member, or special someone!

  • Gold Plated Rhodium Chain Bracelet for Him or Her–

Thinking of buying something that looks luxurious and yet embeds a simple design? Choose the gold-plated rhodium chain bracelets. You can find a wide range of these bracelets in both men's and women's jewelry range.
  • Heart-Shaped Sapphire Ring in Silver for Her –

Those born in the months of April or September can be gifted the beautiful and brilliant-looking Sapphire Gemstone rings. The heart-shaped sapphire rings are very much popular and can be bought for just under $ 100. Unbelievable yet true!
  • Sparkling Garnet Ring for Her 

Garnet is considered the birthstone of January. If she is born in this month, gift her a delicate garnet ring set in gold. You will be surprised to know you can own this lovely possession within the range of $90-$100.
  • Gold and Labradorite Drop Earrings for Her–

With an elegant look and special appeal, the labradorite plus gold drop earrings surely make for unique jewelry birthday gifts for her.
  • Multi-Gemstone Chakra Necklace for Him or Her–

One of the most fascinating jewelry gift ideas is to buy a necklace that consists of various gems. Such necklaces and bracelets are quite in these days and can be bought for both genders.

  • Amethyst Rings for Him or Her–

Check out the adorable range of amethyst rings that come in various captivating patterns including a few shapes and settings. You will love the lovely color of Amethyst and the available designs in this category.
  • Gold Bohemian Stackable Rings for Women/Men–

This is the right choice for those who love wearing fashionable and unique accessories.
  • Real Gems Chakra Balance Bracelet–

Gift your man a colorful chakra bracelet consisting of few charming healing crystals.
  • Aquamarine Bangle Bracelet for Her–

This bracelet looks very charming and feminine. It can be found in multiple designs.
  • Diamond Pendants for Her–

Diamonds can never be out of fashion and style! And yup! You can buy delicate diamond pendants for just 100 dollars.

  • Diamond Cufflinks Set in Silver or Gold–

Nowadays, diamond cufflinks set in silver or gold are also getting popular in the birthday jewelry gifts range.
  • Emerald Studs for Her–

Make her feel like a queen by gifting her lush green emerald studs that look remarkable!
  • Scintillating Silver Earrings Cufflinks –

Whether you are looking for gemstone jewelry for her or him, you can find a wide range of lovely designs in the silver jewelry range. earrings and cufflinks are especially available in a wide price range as well as patterns.

  • Diamond and Sterling Silver Stackable Ring for Men/ Women –

Stackable diamond rings can also be bought within the price range of 100 dollars. Diamonds are known for timeless beauty and come in varied jewelry forms.

You can also try handmade jewelry gifts ideas for birthdays and can get the essential material for the same online!

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  • Aiden
    Aug 27, 2022, 7:16:06 AM

    Birthday gifts are mandatory to give to our family members, friends, and relatives. It is a nice idea to purchase many pieces of jewelry above100$ and give them time by time.

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