Things You Don't Know About Chrysoprase Gemstone

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 16, 2020
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Things You Don't Know About Chrysoprase Gemstone


Chrysoprase is an apple-green colored gemstone often used in jewelry making. It is a variety of chalcedony and can contain a certain amount of nickel within it. It is an interesting stone with numerous healing properties. It is believed that the presence of this stone in your life means that good times are awaiting you and things are about to turn around for the better. The stone is a harbinger of hope, positivity, and goodness which is why keeping this stone close to you can be good for you. 

Chrysoprase silver jewelry that you wear with so much love and care is primarily mined from Szklary, Lower Silesia Poland which possibly has the largest deposits of Chrysoprase in the world. It is also mined from Indonesia, Australia, Tanzania, Germany, Brazil, Russia and some parts of the USA.  

There are many things that are unknown to many about the benefits of Chrysoprase. As a healing stone, it is highly valued and quite rightly so. In today’s article, we shall be looking at a few interesting facts about Chrysoprase. 

A Positive Stone Suitable For All

Ask any gemologist or gemstone healer and everyone would agree that Chrysoprase has positive energies that invariably touch every person’s soul. It is believed that any person who is feeling low in life should embrace the stone and feel the difference soon after. The stone is all positivity, joyousness, and optimism.  Hold the stone close to your heart and you will feel the difference very soon. 

An Emperor’s Favorite

It is okay to doubt the capabilities and brilliance of gemstones. But when historical evidence proves that great men of the past valued a stone very much, you should start valuing the stone too. Chrysoprase is one stone that was considered to be a favorite of Alexander the Great.

Connecting the Chakras

Chrysoprase connects directly to the heart chakra where it infuses its positive energies which then spread all over the physical body. The bouts of positivity that is spread through this stone also reach the solar plexus chakra. It then brings the feeling and energy of abundance in life in many forms. Since Chrysoprase healing properties touch both the Solar Plexus Chakra and the Heart Chakra, the combined effect brings prosperity and love into one’s life. It can possibly also attract new love and help fulfill what your heart desires.

Gives Wings to Soar Higher

Sometimes in life, all you need is an encouragement to go do something considered unachievable. Many people do not reach their destination or take longer in their journey simply because they did not march towards their goal with confidence. If you are at such crossroads of life and realize that the only thing that is stopping you from achieving bigger successes is you, that’s when you need help. What can be more helpful than a beautiful gemstone that you can easily wear as a jewelry item? One of the healing properties of Chrysoprase is that it makes a person self-confident. Wearing the stone you can achieve almost anything your heart desires.   

Best Uses of Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is the birthstone for Librans and helps them live a healthy life. If you have loose Chrysoprase stone carrying it around in your pocket is believed to be good. It is also considered to be an excellent stone for meditation. The positive energies that vibrate from the stone take one into a deep meditative state. You can sense a deeper connection with the Divine when meditating with the stone. You can also use the stone if you want to become more forgiving as it aids in forgiveness. The strong energies of the stone can also be sued to heal the inner child that resides within every human being and by doing so takes you forward in the path of forgiveness. Placing the stone close to the navel or sacral chakra can also help the body physically.  

Chrysoprase is such a brilliant stone with so many benefits that you must own one today! You can buy them loose or get beautiful silver jewelry made out of it. Wear it any way you want and see how your life changes for the better. Order online right away from 

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