Things To Be Kept In Mind While Wearing Anatase

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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Things To Be Kept In Mind While Wearing Anatase


If you are fond of magnificent gemstones, then Anatase is the crystal that you should possess. This crystal holds the power to make significant changes in the life of the wearer by winning over resistance. Hence you should know about the effects and benefits of anatase before you buy or start wearing this crystal. The chemical composition of anatase is titanium dioxide and occurs in the form of acute and simple double pyramids that have black to indigo-blue color and steel-like luster. It can also occur in the form of multiple pyramidal faces and can be prismatic or flat with brown to honey yellow color. It is loved for its shape, luster and interesting properties. It contains rutile and brookite minerals.
This crystal occurs naturally in France, the Alps, Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia, Brazil, Canada, England, Alaska, China, Argentina, and Colorado in U.S. The origin of this gemstone can be traced from Minas Gerais in Brazil.

Healing properties of Anatase

You must know about the Anatase healing properties of this crystal before you start wearing it. This will help you get the most out of this stone and use it in the best manner.
Physical healing properties of Anatase:

  • If you are suffering from allergies then this stone can help you greatly. It reduces the intensity of allergy and is many times used along with medicines in treating allergies.
  • Anatase can cure injuries associated with bones and teeth such as fractures and can help to make your bones stronger. It can keep your bones and teeth healthy by preventing dental cavities and softening of the teeth’s enamel.
  • Anatase can cleanse the skin giving a youthful appearance to the wearer. People having an issue with sinus can also get a lot of benefits from this crystal.

Emotional and mental healing properties of Anatase:

  • Communication can help build or break relationships and plays an important role in professional life too. With this crystal, you can strengthen existing relationships and establish new ones. This is because anatase crystal makes your communication to be more effective and mature.
  • It also makes you broad-minded and gives you the strength to accept your mistakes and liabilities. It improves confidence and helps you deal with difficult situations.
  • With this crystal, you can get useful insights into the world and judge people and things with a broader perspective.
  • It also improves empathy and you tend to be more humane, considerate and compassionate for others. This will eventually make you happier and all your past feelings of guilt will be wiped off.
  • Anatase will help you deal with opposition and resistance in the workplace and you can make wise decisions. It reduces stress and negative energies and you can focus on finding solutions. With this crystal, you can get rid of all obstacles in your career, business, or relationship.
  • The positive energies that this crystal brings with it can improve your health and immune system and it helps to make all the vital systems function properly.
  • The energy of this crystal can give you the energy to confront any negative or tense situation and makes you more conscious socially. You can tackle and come out of any problem situation and you get the much-needed peace of mind and avoid illnesses.




Amazing facts about Anatase:

  • This stone is associated with the Scorpio sun sign of the Zodiac.
  • The structure of this crystal is complex and is tetragonal.
  • As it contains two minerals, it looks like a bi-pyramidal structure.
  • This is a rare and precious gemstone which contains titanium dioxide.

The crystal has got its name from the Greek word which means an elongated structure because its crystal structure is elongated.

The bi-pyramidal structure of this crystal is linked with the heart and air chakra and it is associated with human attributes such as kindness, empathy, and love. It is also associated with heaven, earth, and relationship with nature.
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