Anatase Jewelry

Anatase is a beautiful gemstone wearing which can bring numerous lifestyle changes to your life. It is a gemstone that is known to help resist bad things from affecting one’s life. Essentially Anatase jewelry comes in colors of yellow, black and blue. The crystal has transparent to opaque crystalline formations. Anatase is a crystal that is formed by two different minerals – brookite and rutile, both having the same chemical structure (that is they are made of titanium dioxide) but have a different crystal structure. Anatase is not a commonly found mineral and henceAnatase women’s jewelry are quite rare to find. It is considered to be quite a prized possession among collectors.  

Meaning of Anatase

It is believed that the gemstone Anatase gets its name from the Greek word ‘anatasis’ which refers to the length of the crystal. 

Where Is Anatase Mined From

Anatase is largely found in the Alps, especially in France, Italy, Slovakia, Switzerland, Canada, England, Brazil, Slovakia, and Alaska. It is also mined from Brazil, Argentina, China, and the United States. Historical evidence indicates that this gemstone was first mined from the Minas Gerais mines of Brazil. 

Healing Properties of Anatase

Anatase has powerful healing properties. It is believed that Anatase helps people recover from allergies faster. The stone also helps strengthen one’s teeth and bones and helps heal broken bones faster. The stone helps prevent dental cavities. It is also believed that regularly wearing Anatase jewelry can bring considerable change to your appearance as it helps cleanse the skin. After wearing Anatase you can feel a youthful exuberance in your appearance. Anatase is also known to help improve sinusitis. Apart from all these physical benefits wearing Anatase can also help you improve your communication skills. The stone also helps widen your world view and it helps you to improve your relationships with your loved ones. 

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As we have already mentioned above, Anatase is not a very common gemstone in jewelry making. But at Gemexi we like doing things unconventionally which is why you will find quite a unique Anatase jewelry collection at our store. From sparkling earrings to glimmering pendants, there is a whole lot for you to explore our stores. But that’s not all. You can also get customized handmade jewelry from our store.

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At Gemexi we take extreme pride in the fact that we have some of the best craftsmen in the jewelry industry. Our craftsmen come from a background of generations of jewelry makers and thus their skill is like second nature to them. Whenever you buy Anatase jewelry from our store you can be assured that the best hands have made the piece. Not only is our craftsmanship excellent but we have a dedicated team of customer service executives who are always available to answer all your jewelry related queries. So next time you browse Anatase jewelry online, make sure check out our store. 

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