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Anatase crystal is one of the magnificent gemstones that can bring significant changes in one’s life by winning the resistance.

Anatase is a gemstone that gets created from two different minerals. These include brookite and rutile, which have the same chemical structure (Titanium dioxide) and different crystal structure. While rutile is more commonly found, Anatase is less common. 

These crystals can be easily identified, and you will hardly get confused with any other crystals. These crystals have tetragonal bi-pyramids with eight faces. The faces merge to form long points. This elongation will help you set them apart from other octahedral crystals. 

The best variety of Anatase is linked to quartz. These are assumed to be the best of gemstones. Anatase crystal is one of the most popular gemstones among collectors. 


Where is Anatase found?

Anatase Quarts is a mineral found in the Alps, in Massif de l'Oisans (France), Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia England, Canada, Alaska and Brazil, China, Argentina and United States (Colorado). It is said to have originated from Minas Gerais (Brazil).

Healing Properties

Anatase crystal is of great help for people suffering from allergies. The crystal will reduce the intensity of allergy and thus, the individual will become normal over time.
Anatase crystals are also helpful in treating people with allergies to a certain group of medicines. 
Anatase cures issues in bones and teeth
Anatase is useful in healing injuries in bones (fractures). It will make your bones stronger. It will enable you to make your teeth and bones healthy. The crystal will cure softening of the enamel of the teeth and prevent dental cavities. 
Makes your skin healthy
Anatase is a fine crystal in cleansing your skin and restores the youthful appearance. 
It can also be of great help in the sinus. You sinus will alleviate once you wear the crystal or come to its proximity. 

Anatase Facts

Anatase is linked to Scorpio in the Zodiac. 
The crystal form is tetragonal. 
The crystal appears in the form of tiny bi-pyramidal crystals. 
Anatase is a rare gemstone available in the form of the titanium dioxide. The name Anatase originates in Greek word which means elongation implying its elongated crystal structure.
The very fabric that the bi-pyramidal structure is linked to is Air and Heart chakra and symbolizes the attributes of a human, (kindness, etc.) relationship with earth/haven and the relationship with the natural world. 

Metaphysical Properties

You will be better at communicating with people

Communication is essential when it comes to establishing new relationships or strengthening the existing ones. It is also necessary to communicate effectively with people in general so that you can get things done by them quickly. Thus, communication plays a significant role in success in life. Anatase crystal will make your communication more effective by making you more effective and mature while framing communication. 

You will improve your relationship

Anatase crystal will influence you and will make your broad-minded. Now you will be ready to accept your liability – you will realize your mistakes and will willing to negotiate so you could see an improvement in your relationship. It will make you a second thought and will help you to reach a better solution in relation with your partner. 
The crystal will help you realize the positive effect by influencing the chakras. You will feel confident about yourself when facing the world. 

You will be wiser than before

Anatase will help you to get great insights into the world. You will be able to judge things from a broader perspective and will have a good grasp of the situation.

You will be humane

Anatase crystal will impart you with novel qualities. You will be compassionate and considerate for others’ distress. You will find a great change in yourself without your cognizance. All this will make you happier than before. It will wipe all the feeling of guilt you experienced in the past. 
When you head an organization and are responsible for bringing out changes in the organization for the greater good, you are more likely to face resistance to the changes that you propose. For, it is the quality of human beings that they are hardly ready to accept any change. The situation might be extremely challenging in the beginning. People will resist fiercely, and you find very challenging to encounter them. The situation might take the form of a great challenge. And, it is you who will be the point of attack because you are in the leadership position and are responsible for taking a decision. It may result in stress for you. Anatase crystal will help you in the scenario. You will find an easy solution. The people who were hitherto not ready to accept your proposals will soon come into reconciliation, and then you will find in an at an advantageous position because you were instrumental in settling the issue. 
Anatase crystals are said to be a great boon when it comes to getting rid of all the obstacles in your business, career, relationship or elsewhere. The gemstone will offer you the best solutions by obviating the need to confront people. It will remove all the negative energy and will enable you to tackle the situation carefully. It will not only bring your health to a reasonable level by making its vital systems function rightly. 
Whether you are in a situation from where you are unable to come out because of the confrontation with your partner, embarrassment, or social consciousness, Anatase crystals will find a way out. They will improve the gravity of the situation and will bring you the much-needed peace of mind. Many times you may fall sick of the stress or persistent opposition of your partners, your employees, vendors or other stakeholders in your business. The crystal will help you. 


Anatase In News

Anatase Color

Anatase is a rare titanium dioxide mineral. The color varies - green or yellow, yellow, brown, blue or black. 

Anatase crystals are available in yellow, blue and black. The crystals have transparency varying crystalline to opaque.

  • CleavagePerfect on [001] and [011]
  • Other Names
  • Crystal HabitPyramidal (crystals are shaped like pyramids), tabular (form dimensions are thin in one direction).
  • Streakpale yellowish white
  • Refractive Index2.488 – 2.564
  • DiaphaneityTransparent to nearly opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)5.5–6
  • SourcesEurope, France, Italian Alps,Kharan, Balochistan, Pakistan,Brazil
  • Chemical formulaTiO2
  • LustreAdamantine to splendent, metallic
  • ColorBlack, reddish to yellowish brown, dark blue, gray
  • Chakra HealingRoot or base chakra,Solar Plexus Chakra,Third Eye Chakra,Throat Chakra,Heart chakra,Crown Chakra
  • BirthstoneNovember
  • Zodiacscorpio
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