The Ultimate Guide to Kingman Turquoise: Unraveling Quality, Special Features, and Authenticity

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Dec 20, 2023
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The Ultimate Guide to Kingman Turquoise: Unraveling Quality, Special Features, and Authenticity

Is Kingman Turquoise Good Quality?

Kingman turquoise is known as one of the best types of turquoise worldwide. People like it because it has a bright blue color and not many of the black lines you sometimes see in other types of turquoise. This makes Kingman turquoise valuable and a popular choice for making jewelry. The excellent quality of Kingman turquoise comes from a few reasons:

Color Variety:

  1. Kingman turquoise is known for its super bright blue color
  2. The color ranges from light sky blue to deep blue-green, giving it an excellent and varied look.

Clean Look:

  1. People like Kingman turquoise because it usually doesn't have many lines or patterns (matrix)
  2. This clean appearance makes it even more attractive, and it's a big deal for the good-quality stones from the Kingman mine.

Always the Same:

  1. Natural Kingman turquoise always looks the same in terms of color and texture
  2. This makes it more valuable and unique because you can always expect consistency.

What is Special About Kingman Turquoise?


Cool History:

  1. Kingman turquoise comes from a mine in Arizona that's been giving out turquoise for a long time.
  2. Because of its long and exciting history, Kingman turquoise is considered a unique gemstone with many stories behind it.

Great for Jewelry:

  1. People love using Kingman turquoise in jewelry because it has bright colors and looks clean.
  2. You can find it in all kinds of jewelry, like rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, making it easy for people to show their beauty differently.

Collectible and Special:

  1. Kingman turquoise has become something people like to collect because it's known for being high-quality, and some versions are challenging to find.
  2. Collectors look for unique pieces with special colors and patterns, making Kingman turquoise even more attractive.

Different Looks:

  1. Most Kingman turquoise stones look clean with just a bit of pattern (matrix), but some have excellent, detailed patterns.
  2. People can choose stones that fit their style, like a simple, smooth look or a more textured and patterned design.

How Can You Identify a Natural Kingman Turquoise?

Identifying a natural Kingman turquoise involves paying attention to specific characteristics that distinguish it from other turquoise jewelry varieties and imitations:
  1. Color Palette: Kingman turquoise is known for its diverse color palette, ranging from bright sky blue to deeper blue-green tones. Be cautious of stones that lack this characteristic range or display unnatural color variations.
  2. Matrix Features: While some Kingman turquoise stones have minimal matrix, others may showcase intricate patterns. Genuine Kingman turquoise matrix patterns vary from stone to stone and are often distinct and appealing. Look for these unique matrix features to help confirm authenticity.
  3. Source Verification: Verify the source of the turquoise with the seller. Kingman turquoise comes from the Kingman mine in Arizona. Reputable dealers and jewelers should provide information about the origin of their stones.
  4. Reputation of the Seller: Purchase from trusted and reputable sellers knowledgeable about gemstones. Well-established dealers are more likely to offer genuine Kingman turquoise and provide accurate information about the stones they sell.
In summary, people love Kingman turquoise jewelry wholesale because of its super high quality, excellent features, and unique traits. Whether used in jewelry or collected as a particular item, its bright colors, clean look, and exciting history make Kingman turquoise a gemstone that many fans worldwide like.

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