Nuummite - A Blood Purifying Stone

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  • Updated On Mar 23, 2020
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Nuummite - A Blood Purifying Stone

Known as a Magician gemstone, the magical powers of Nuummite allow the beings to see beyond the other mask of the life. It permits the wearer to peep within himself and know about his realities that he holds.

The Sorcerer’s stone, Nuummite is a stone of the tremendous grounding. It is a great mixture of the fire energies of the storm and earth. This combination makes it an arch of a strong elemental magic.

A strong and vibrational vitality that Nuummite clutches aids in enhancing the fortune and good luck. It too raises the intuition and helps in the enlargement of the personal power along with the strong psychic capabilities. It is a stone that aids in protection and cleansing the aura of the human.

Physical Healing Properties

Nuummite assists in reducing the stress and tension and is the only home of the power that permits a deep sleep. It offers relief from the degenerative diseases, pain and headaches. It also cleanses the blood, relaxes the kidneys and removes the infections that are too slow to get healed.

Emotional Healing Properties

Nuummite, a stone of authorization allows the wearer to see the life beyond its outer mask and this is how he understands the actual meaning of the actions and words. It assists in relieving the trapped emotions and the power. It aids the owner by making him free from the wrong defense and attempted guidance from the others. It permits in getting the true powers and abilities. Besides, it explains how to honor and respect the self and the others.

Chakra Balancing and Healing Properties

A grounding gemstone, Nuummite cleans the mind and body by cleaning the chakras. It is a dark colored charm which ignites the root or base chakra that resides at the bottom of the spine.

The founder of the physical powers and the spiritual energies is the Base Chakra of the body. When it loses its powers it leads to a low activity, lack of the physical power and low zeal. If it is balanced, it retains the stamina of the build and raises the strength. It also instills the leadership sense in the wearer.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Nuummite attracts the gentle power that is always in a search of a spiritual world. It is also whispered to inspire the psychic experience, clairvoyance and hunch. It is too helpful for clearing the karmic debris.

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