Nuummite Jewelry

Love for Nuummite Jewelry

Nuummite is known to be a stone of personal power which allows an individual an access to the inner gifts which are there deep inside. Used as gazing gem, it helps in enhancing intuition and also helps in increasing the opportunities for a wonderful fortune.

The healers use the stone for increasing energy of the other powerful gemstones.

Benefits of the stone include:

  • Facilitates the journey of an individual to discover one’s inner self
  • Draws on the deep energy of the earth
  • Develops self-love as well as an acceptance of the power of self

Having a very strong access to the wild-nature energies, this stone counteracts the modern urban lifestyle which might dull instincts and bring excess reliance on technology. At the work place, it helps in inspiring fast and institutive reactions without even sacrificing logic and it also encourages people to consider your capabilities valuable.

Nuummite Jewelry in History: 
The stone was discovered first in 1810 by mineralogist Giesecke in Greenland. It has been scientifically defined between 1905- 1924. A true Nuummite is found only in the regions of Greenland. Because of its nature, it is sought after by the stone dealers, stone collectors and others who are interested esoteric. It’s often sold with tumble finishing.

Nuummite source

The stone is found in Greenland.

Nuummite Jewelry style

The Nuummite stone is usually set in a silver setting and made into earrings or pendants. It’s also used for making rings, generally in a protective bezel setting. It may also be wire wrapped or even drilled for making beautiful pedants, beads and earrings. The deep shade of the stone makes it quite suitable for men’s as well as ladies.

Craftsmanship by Gemexi

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Personalize jewelry by Gemexi

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