Make Your Own Story With Sapphire

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On May 9, 2020
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Make Your Own Story With Sapphire

Sapphire is also known as the stone of royalty and wisdom. The name comes from the Latin word “Saphirus,” as well as from the Greek word “Sapheiros,” meaning of both words in blue. It is a Holystone for Catholic Church and ancient Persians as they believed that the sky turns blue through the reflection of Blue Sapphire, and for some religions, its blue color represents the heavens. Traditionally, sapphire represents nobility, truth, and sincerity. It has decorated the Royal mantle and priest members for centuries. Its unique color used as the standard for other blue gems like topaz, tanzanite to measure. Blue Sapphire is essential for channeling healing powers from a spiritual or higher source into the healer and is popular with Reiki healers. Sapphire also boosts healing through the voice.

Sapphire helps to understand the higher fundamentals of archeologists, and historians activate the mind and wisdom in executives, ministers, and writers, and increases insights and sound judgment in journalists and lawyers. Sapphire, mainly in paler shades, is a sign of wise and honest leadership, and excellent stone for businesswomen and female entrepreneurs who want to succeed without compromising integrity.

Apart from all these benefits, Sapphire also has amazing lots of healing properties. It uses to heal all parts of the body and mild insomnia. It can use externally, or as a solution, Sapphire water is an excellent purifier. It is very beneficial for eye infections and improves eyesight as well. Sapphire is also used to heal fever, nosebleeds, and problems related to ears. Blue Sapphire jewelry and stone is used to healing the thyroid, swollen glands, and even treating issues related to speech and communication. It helpful for the nervous system, and in treating blood disorders, dementia, and degenerative diseases.

Following are some additional properties attributed to the sapphire:

  1. Keep negative energy away.
  2. Improve financial health.
  3. Promote mental clarity
  4. Raise the feelings of devotion
  5. Boost the integrity and intuition
  6. Help to reduce depression
  7. Improves eyesight
  8. Give wisdom.

In the current scenario, everyone is facing a family problem and worried about their health. Sapphire is a good option for those who want a drastic change or for those who want to change their lives entirely in a positive way. In the present era, most of us are fighting against depression. For them, Sapphire works like a miracle as it has a fantastic property that protects the person from negative energy and helps them to beat the depression. Unlike before, not everyone is healthy and fit.

All of us are facing some health issues and trying to cope up with them. Sapphire is an excellent stone for all of them, actually all of us because it has a healing property to cure almost every disease like it uses to cure eyes, heart, lungs related diseases, etc. It proved that Sapphire stone is exceptional from a healing power point of view. Everyone should try this and make their life happy and joyful.

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