July Birthstone: All You Need to Know About Ruby Stone

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Jul 13, 2021
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July Birthstone: All You Need to Know About Ruby Stone

Are you looking for the July birthstones? Well, let us give you a hint! From royal families to the high priest’s breastplate, this amazingly beautiful and one of the most expensive gemstones has been worn for centuries! The July birthstone color is dark red and it captivates your attention the moment you look at it! You guessed it right! Ruby! The Ruby birthstone is the perfect gemstones for those born in the month of July.

Ruby – The Color

The ruby birthstone meaning lies in its color. This highly popular and precious gemstone gets its name from the word ‘Ruber’ (Latin term) that means red. The presence of chromium in this stone is responsible for its beautiful deep red shade. A dash of purple in the stone makes it look even more charismatic and this purplish tint is known as the pigeon’s blood.

While color of the July birthstone, Ruby, is one of the main facts towards its infinite charm and popularity, there are so many other qualities too that make Ruby super special and charming.

Now that you have found the answer for “what is the birthstone for July?”, its now time to discuss the powers and advantages of this beautiful and precious gemstone.

Spiritual Meaning of the July birthstone

This enthralling gem is popular for its spiritual qualities like providing abundance of love and teaching significance of love to its wearers. Bringing warmth and lot of love to its user or wearer, this gem nourishes life by inviting joy, love, success and fortune.

Vibrating with its low-frequency energy, this gemstone ensures a good state of mind, body and soul. It is particularly a great option for stimulating the heart chakra as well as the base chakra. Using this stone, one can stay protected from negative attacks and can also guard his or her home from any negative vibe.

Significant Powers of Ruby

The amazing powers and healing properties of the July birthstone need special mention! Check them below!
  1. Keeps you positive – Use this wonderful red gemstone to invite lot of optimism in your personality. Stay positive and confident even in the most difficult situations of life. Make your hope and belief even stronger with the help of this gorgeous and precious stone.
  2. Helps you think in an innovative way – Do you feel that you are facing a kind of stagnancy in your creative powers? Do you wish to improve your creativity? Also known as the ‘king of gems’, the radiant ruby will fill you with creative ideas and will help you think and plan things in a better and innovative way.
  3. Improves the power of concentration – If poor concentration is your concern, trust this gem for the best and most delightful results. It will improve your focus power so that you can work more productively and can achieve the expected results.
  4. Stimulates the heart chakra – Open and activate your heart chakra with the help of this dark red gemstone. It will fill your heart with love and passion. It will not only help you understand love but will also bring passion in your various relationships.
  5. Stimulates passion – Be it about your career or talent, using ruby will stimulate the passion so that you become even more dedicated and determined towards your goals.
  6. Helps in better blood circulation – This lovely gem is also considered for improving the blood circulation. It is said that using this stone helps keep the blood vessels healthy and the same leads to good blood circulation.
  7. Gives courage & confidence – You can win any situation of life with great confidence and courage. This gem is trusted for providing utter confidence and courage to its user.
  8. Ensuresliveliness – Get back the vitality and energy in your life with the help of this charismatic gem called ruby. It will keep you positive, energetic and happy so that you live life the best possible way.

The best way to enjoy all the above advantages is to wear the compelling and beguiling ruby jewelry. The fascinating studs, super impressive pendants, enticing necklaces and more await you! Pick up your favorite designs from the latest ruby jewelry range and add extraordinary charm to your beautiful looks. The options are abundant in varied and catchy designs of this range and we bet, you won’t be able to keep your eyes of the magnificent ruby collection!

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  • shana
    Sep 3, 2022, 6:43:49 AM

    Ruby the queen of gemstones attracts everyone. Its reddish color augments my beauty when I wear it.

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