Healing Crystals for Coma Patients

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Posted: Thursday, July 16, 2020
Healing Crystals for Coma Patients

Any injury on the brain or head may increase their chances of going in a coma. Damage may be due to increased bleeding, pressure, lack of oxygen, or increase of toxins. These types of injury can be temporary or permanent. It is a medical emergency which needs immediate action in response to preserve life as well as brain function.


The common signs and symptoms of coma are as follow:
  1. Closed eyes
  2. Depressed brainstem reflexes, like pupils not responding to light
  3. Unresponsive limbs, except for reflex movements
  4. No response to painful stimuli, besides reflex movements
  5. Irregular breathing


Many kinds of problems can cause coma. Some of them are as follow:
  1. Traumatic brain injuries: Harmful brain injuries caused by the act of violence or traffic collisions are the common cause of coma.
  2. Stroke: Decreased or delayed supply of blood in the brain due to any blockage in arteries or burst blood vessel can cause 
  3. Tumors: Brain tumors and brainstem can be the reason for coma.
  4. Diabetes: The extreme fluctuation in blood sugar can cause a coma.
  5. Lack of oxygen: Lack of oxygen in the brain due to drowning or resuscitated after a heart attack can cause coma.
  6. Infections: Coma can cause infections like encephalitis and meningitis, which cause swelling in the brain, spinal cord, and tissues around the brain.
  7. Seizures: Seizures may lead to coma.
  8. Toxins: Toxins like carbon monoxide, lead, etc., can cause brain damage or coma.
  9. Drugs and alcohol: The overdose of drugs and alcohol may lead to a coma.

Healing crystal

There are certain healing crystals that were regularly used for the coma patient. These healing crystals are as follow:

Tanzanite: Tanzanite is the most used healing gemstone for people who are in a coma. It is believed that stone helps in communicating between the body, mind, and soul. It is highly recommended by most crystal healers. It is used to increase the life force, physical vitality as well as health. It helps coma patients or people suffering from permanent paralysis to revive their health when combined with the right crystal.

Lapis Lazuli: A stone of protection, protects the wearer from any kind of psychic attack, soothes stress, and brings inner peace. According to the crystal healers, Lapis Lazuli is really beneficial for the nervous system as well as the respiratory system. It works similarly to the tanzanite. It works like a miracle when it places around the patient who is in a coma.

Moldavite It is also used to improve the condition of coma patients. Moldavite helps the patient in their memory retention, mental degeneration, and establish a balance between the mind, soul, and body. It works more effectively when it put under the pillow.


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