Healing crystals for Anemia |

Healing Crystals For Anemia

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Posted: Thursday, July 9, 2020
Healing Crystals For Anemia

As per everyone’s lifestyle in the present era, people are unable to get proper supplements, which can cause a lack of proteins and other essentials in our bodies. This will become one of the reasons for many diseases. Anemia is one of these diseases. This may cause due to lack of iron in the body, which is more important to enhance the count of RBC (Red blood cell) in the blood. 


Generally, there three main reasons due to which a person can be diagnosed with anemia. These are as follows:
  1. High blood loss
  2. A sudden decrease in RBC
  3. Destruction of RBC


People who are suffering from anemia, the following symptoms are visible in them:
  1. Unusual pain in bones, chest, stomach, and joints
  2. Hands and feet get cold
  3. Always feel tired and weak
  4. The skin turns to be yellow and pale
  5. Constant headache
  6. Breathing issues

Gemstones and their healing properties for anemia

 There are various gemstones that have lots of healing properties constantly used to cure many diseases. Stones like Bloodstone, Coral, Garnet, and Ruby are used the most by the anemic patients to cure the disease. Let’s discuss a bit about these amazing crystals:

Bloodstone: This crystal is associated with the Base chakra. It is an excellent blood cleanser as well. It is used to purify and fortifies the blood. It is beneficial to regulate the blood circulation in the body. Blood is a very important fluid of the body as it supplies oxygen to all the body parts. Bloodstone is used to cure many blood-related diseases, which includes anemia as well.

Coral: Similar to bloodstone, Coral, is also associated with the Base chakra. Red Coral is one of the popular gemstone known for its healing powers, which were used to cure many blood diseases. It is said that Red Coral helps to increase the count of RBC in the blood in a very controlled way. With the use of Red Coral, the hemoglobin count gets increased 5 to 10 within two months, which were dependent on outside blood supply for many years.
Garnet: Red garnet is known for cleansing and energizing the chakras. It has been associated with Base as well as the Heart chakra. It is beneficial in purifying and balance the energy in the body. In addition, Garnet is used to purifying the blood as well as regenerate the DNA. It is used to improve the Immune system and the energy level.

Ruby: It is one of the most popular gemstones. Similar to Garnet, it is also associated with Base and Heart chakra. It is used to retaining the health as well as wealth the people who were using this stone. It is beneficial in detoxifying the blood and allows the blood flow all over the body. It is also used in curing many blood diseases like anemia etc.

All these are the most common crystals which were regularly used by the patients who are suffering from anemia. Due to the disease, people may start feeling really weak and tired. These crystals help to cop-up with the situation and boost their immune system as well so that their body fights against the disease efficiently. All these crystals are very beautiful as well as beneficial at the same time because of their healing powers and properties.


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