Garnet - Perfect Gemstone For Your Horoscope

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Posted: Wednesday, July 31, 2019
Garnet - Perfect Gemstone For Your Horoscope

With each of the zodiac signs, a gemstone is associated. The study of astrology states that may it be any kind of emotional, physical or mental turmoil, the birth gemstone sets everything right. These birthstones/gemstones not only activate the hidden powers of healing but also influences the person on many fronts. There is a visible change in the personality, relationship, behavior, career growth, and many such related aspects. 

Talking about garnet specifically, it is a stone for all January born, the people who exhibit dominant characteristics like being ambitious, helpful, pragmatic, conservative and resolute. Garnet is a stone that belongs to the silicate family and is considered as a precious stone since the Bronze Age. The benefits of garnet that have a double effect on January born are:


Garnet is a useful stone at the time of crisis, particularly if you feel you are stuck in a situation and not able to escape. It brings courage and faith in such times and helps to resolve crisis easily. It balances the energy levels in an individual and upholds his attitude. In case of too much insecurity and emotional unrest, Garnet helps to curb it. It promotes love, success and fulfills desires. It increases popularity and positivity among people. 

January born if in particular are suffering from thyroid, cellular and spinal disorders, hemorrhages, and inflammatory diseases then garnet is of big help. It purifies the blood, promotes the production of hemoglobin and keeps the reproductive system healthy. It also stimulates metabolism as well as reduce toxins in the body. The patient's soft heart and hypertension must also try this stone. It is also believed that garnet relieves arthritic pain and rheumatism. 

Garnet stone has spiritual powers too. It enhances the deep spiritual commitment between couples. It opens up the mind and soul by preventing orthodox thoughts and taboos. It sharpens the perception and controls the flow of energy. The garnet is considered a stone of commitment, understanding, and devotion.


For the chakras, it resonates with the crown and base. It monitors the flow of energies of these two and ensures that they always stay balanced. In case if you feel lethargic or tired every time then it’s time to heal your base chakra with garnet. The base chakra keeps the person away from all inactiveness. As it also proves beneficial for the crown chakra, it drives all negativity out from the body and allows a continuous flow of positivity. With balanced crown chakra, new ideas, methods, and thoughts develop.

Garnet indeed is a beneficial stone. It is available in almost all the colors of the rainbow but is most demanded in deep red shade. To feel the healing properties of garnet, the January born must definitely buy this stone. You can either pick the garnet silver jewelry or purchase a raw stone of it, both the ways the gorgeous gemstone is going to help you. Also, the Garnet Silver Jewelry is considered the best gift for second anniversaries.

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