Crystal of the month for wellness - Astrophyllite gemstone

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 16, 2020
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Crystal of the month for wellness - Astrophyllite gemstone


It takes many things for a marriage to be successful. Love, trust, honesty, fidelity, and companionship are just a few of the top things that couples desire in a marriage. However there can be times during a marriage when seeking help from minerals, crystals and gemstones may do wonders to improve the relationship. There are many stones that can help strengthen the relationship between a husband and wife – many of them are known to all and few of them are hardly known by any. Today we shall be talking about a rare gemstone that is also called the marriage stone. We are talking about Astrophyllite. 

Astrophyllite is a unique and rare gemstone primarily composed of titanium silicate – in fact, it is a rare form of this mineral. It mostly occurs in golden-brown or bronze color though there can be slight variations in the color primarily due to the composition of titanium silicate. Wearing Astrophyllite silver jewelry can act as an energizing potent stone that brings light to your entire being. It not only illuminates your life but also brings an authentic, tranquil and sincere energy that strengthens the bond between two people in love. 

One of the interesting things that make Astrolphyllite women’s jewelry so eye-catching is the fact that the stone is shaped like a star or a leaf. In fact, it gets its name from the Greek word for star leaf. 

Where Is Astrophyllite Mined From

Astrophyllite is a rare stone that isn’t readily available everywhere. Most deposits of Astrophyllite are found in Russia though some substantial amount has also been mined from the United States of America and Norway. One of the reasons why this mineral is not easily available is because it isn’t a self-sufficient mineral but it must exist in between another mineral. For this reason, it is very difficult to mine the mineral without destroying it. 

What does Astrophyllite Mean

Astrophyllite derives its name from a Greek word which means leaf or star. The mineral is so-called because in its original state it looks like a star.

Metaphysical Properties of Astrophyllite

There are many benefits of Astrophyllite. If you are seeking wellness in your life, it is time to look into the mysticism of Astrophyllite. As a metaphysical stone, it is believed to lead you forward in life. The stone not only brings positivity into one’s life but also energizes one’s motivation and will to do better in life. If you think you are at a crossroads in life and do not know how to channelize your motivations, Astrophyllite is believed to be helpful in showing the path forward. 

It is believed that apart from being a driving force in life, Astrophyllite’s healing properties also comprises of protecting one’s psychic self. It is believed that the shape of the stone acts as a protective charm. While the unique shape of the stone expands one’s psychic abilities, it also plays a dual role in keeping the person connected to the physical world. Those who want to venture into the psychic world without losing their grip on the physical world should buy Astrophyllite jewelry and see the changes unfold.   


Astrophyllite Jewelry and How to Wear Them

We have already mentioned that Astrophyllite isn't a common gemstone. You might not get it easily in your regular gemstone jeweler’s store. But they are slowly catching the attention of gemstone jewelry connoisseurs who are showing increasing interest in wear this rare stone. You can use the mineral as a tiny pendant or wear them as noticeable earrings. Since it isn’t a very hard stone, it is best to buy Astrophyllite jewelry online that are made using sterling silver as the base. Sterling silver’s shine and durability not only brightens the mineral but also makes it more durable. 

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