Bloodstone, a Stone of Courage and Bravery

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  • Posted: Monday, June 27, 2016
Bloodstone, a Stone of Courage and Bravery

Belongs to the Chalcedony family, Bloodstone structure is crystalline that seems to be very small and can’t be seen with the naked eyes. Apart from this, there are two variations of Bloodstone one we all known is Heliotrope that appears with the red spots and the other one is Plasma which exhibits green hue with no or little spots on it.

Physical Healing Properties

The power of Bloodstone is acknowledged to endow the micro-organisms in the stream of blood that are important for strengthening and enhancing the immunity of the owner. Traditionally, Bloodstone was employed for treating the wearer from the venomous bites. It is also acknowledged to help in the blood circulation and assists in stopping the bleeding especially the nasal one in the summers. In India, the powdered form of Bloodstone is utilized in aphrodisiac and medicines on the large basis.

Emotional Healing Properties

Bloodstone is also alleged to be a real energy booster that renovates the force of life and appends the longevity. It is too regarded as an active charm that supports in healing the emotional problems and this is how alleviates the broken heart.

Bloodstone is also suspected as a charm of bravery and too of courage. It raises the confidence level and self-esteem of its carrier and too calms his apprehension. It stimulates the compassion and love for the family and enhances the affluence by offering the success in the financial and legal matters.

Chakra Healing and Balancing Properties

Bloodstone is associated largely with the Root Chakra and Heart Chakra. The balanced form of Heart Chakra offers mutual respect and harmony amongst the relationships. It allows the owner to treat and behave everyone with compassion and love.

When the same heart is blocked by the negative power, then a feeling of being regulated gets instill in a relationship. It raises the dependency of the person on the others and covers his surrounding with the feeling of helplessness and sadness.

Spiritual Healing Properties

A stone of freedom and courage, Bloodstone symbolizes a selfish character and the sacrifice. It attracts the spiritual power of the person in the routine life in a grounded and real manner.

The soul feels grounded and protected by Bloodstone on many levels just nu enhancing the intuitive power, warding off the negativities and dispelling the mental confusion. It allows the being to live and to be in the spiritual world of the contours by the ancestors as it unblocks and cleans the ancestral line.


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