How to tell if your larimar is real or fake?

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  • Updated On Jan 28, 2023
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How to tell if your larimar is real or fake?

Larimar gemstone is considered one of the rarest gemstones around the world. However, there are many other reasons, too which make this ‘rarest of rare’ gemstone much more popular. From providing superb healing benefits to calming down irritated behaviors and doing much more, this gemstone is widely known for its unique blue shade and unsurpassed beauty. The gem is also popularly known as the Caribbean Gemstone, symbolizing the beautiful seawater and its association with the Caribbean Sea.

Where does the gem larimar come from?

Till now, only one Larimar mine (located at Barahona coast, Dominican Republic) has been found, and this reason alone is enough to talk about its significance! The stone was mentioned in 1916, but surprisingly, it only got recognition and value during the early 70s!

What are the benefits of wearing Larimar?

The are many significant advantages of wearing this beautiful stone called Larimar. Some of the most important ones are mentioned below. Check them right away and find out how wearing the Larimar gemstone or jewelry will help you gain multiple benefits.
  • Improvement of communication skills

Using this gem has been found very useful in improving communication skills. Those who find it difficult to speak in public can also take help from this stone as it boosts confidence and enhances the power of communication.
  • A better and clearer expression of thoughts

Chaotic and confusing thoughts often make us totally helpless to make the right decision. A lucid thought procedure is essential to think clearly and wisely. Larimar helps gain lucidity in thoughts and aids in thinking without confusion and obstacles.
  • Stimulation of energy points

Activate various energy points or chakras in your body with the help of these beautiful stones. It is specifically known for stimulating the throat, crown, and heart chakra.


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  • The perfect option for meditation

If you wish to perform absolutely focused and perfect meditation, take the help of this enchanting blue gem, larimar. It keeps away the irritating and negative thoughts and lets you focus on your full potential.
  • The feeling of deep relaxation

Is stress disturbing you a lot? Do you wish to keep it away with the help of an effective gemstone? If so, larimar is the perfect option for the same. The most important feature behind the popularity of this gem is its ability to provide deep relaxation. It helps keep stress away and calms down your mind. It even helps control anger and aggression.
  • Warding off the negative thoughts

Negative thoughts can totally upset our mood, behavior, and performance as well! If you think that you or your loved ones are getting affected by negativity, using Larimar can be of utter help. It is known for warding off all sorts of negative vibes.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, a few other advantages can also be gained by wearing this lovely gem. The best part is that you can avail all these benefits by wearing this superb gemstone in the form of exceptionally beautiful jewelry. From pretty pendants to beautiful bracelets and more, Larimar can be bought and worn in a variety of styles and exclusive designs!

The Larimar is Natural or Not – Easy Ways on How to Tell If Larimar is Real?

While the popularity of Larimars is constantly rising worldwide, the disappointing fact is that many people are selling fake larimar in the name of real gems. Thus, you need to be very careful while buying this gemstone, or the jewelry will work out the same! Here, we share a few simple ways to help you identify whether larimar is real or fake. Take a quick glance at the same below.
  • Know the location/source

It is quite important to find out that your chosen larimar jewelry or larimar gemstone is coming from an authentic place. It is worth mentioning again that to date, Larimar is sourced from just one place across the whole world, and that is the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean area. The sole mine of Larimar gemstone exists on the Barahona coast of the Dominican Republic. Ask your seller about the source of Larimar gems.


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  • Analyze the color

It is quintessential to discuss the colors if you want to know whether Larimar is real or fake. This gem is found in a few shades of blue, sea-green plus blue, and aqua-blue shades. Also there is also the presence of a few other hues like earthy browns, greys, yellows, and even violets. In other words, do not go for larimar gems that have a perfect single tone! They will be fake because the real Larimars do not come in perfect unicolor appearances. Also, do remember that the most expensive larimar that has maximum value are the ones with vivid blue or volcanic blue shades. On the contrary, the ones with dull blue shades are considered the least valuable compared to other larimar gems.
  • Check out the opaqueness

The next simple way to identify Larimar is to check the opaqueness. Always remember that these beautiful stones are opaque and foggy in appearance. You can hold this gem and check whether it is opaque or not. You should also gauge whether light is passing through your chosen larimar because light simply doesn’t pass through the natural Larimars. Checking the same is quite easy, as you can do so with natural light.
  • Presence of white streaks

Real and original Larimar gemstones have the presence of white marble kinds of patterns called streaks. If your chosen Larimar jewelry or gemstone is missing the white streaks completely, they are fake and you should move further to find out and buy the real gem.

Last but not least, ensure buying original Larimars only because then only you will be able to reap all associated benefits at their full potential. Choosing authentic and reputed sellers help you shop original larimar and real larimar jewelry. Hence, spend time finding out trustworthy destinations from where you can buy original gemstones and jewelry.

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