A Stone Of Beauty With Benefits Cameo

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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A Stone Of Beauty With Benefits Cameo


Cameo is not a stone but a carving that enhances the beauty of a gemstone. It is generally crafted on onyx and agate, but the appeal that comes when carved on pearl, shells, and Sardonyx is unparalleled. Cameos first came into existence during the ruling period of Alexander the Great. It holds the eminence in the Roman era, European culture and has been considered a mark of wealth for ages.
In Europe cameo is commonly found on notable collections, during Alexandra’s era, it was contemplated as prestigious carving on gemstones. 

Cameo received the due credit when James Tassie, a Scottish artisan, started making casts of the famed and highly admired cameo collections to recreate the representations as glass-plate cameos. Within no time the popularity of it spread due to its distinctiveness. Cameos started seeing in daily lives as ornamental jewelry in the 1800s, Napoleon's ordered the carvers to embellish the furniture with the cameos, and subsequently, in the Victorian era, cameos were started being carved on metals as well as most beautiful hard porcelain is known as Jasperware.

Cameo makes of today use the designs of the past. In the 19th century and especially the year 1928, Cameo jewelry held its eminence in the history of the Cameos due to its captivating, antique-inspired designs. Currently, cameos are crafted so carefully and beautifully that they make a timeless piece in somebody's collection.

Want to know how this stone of beauty has benefits too?

Physical healing properties of Cameo: Cameo takes the features of the stone it is carved on. Thus, the energy of the gemstone such as coral, shell, Onyx, Sardonyx, and pearl makes it a powerful talisman to carry or wear. When it is carved on an organic stone-like coral or shells, It helps you to reconnect with mother nature. It attracts love propensity as well as make you believe in the wonders of nature. Cameos are symbolized as a stone of passion. Also, they hold the potential to enhance creativity and bring peace, understanding, and strength to one's life. On the physical ground, Cameos are known to regulate the blood and circulatory system. They cure the troubles related to gall bladder, kidney, and respiratory tract. It also treats ellipse and issues related to bones and bone marrow. Cameos carved on organic stone are said to be the best healing for eye problems. The stones on which cameos are carved are also said to help in cellular regeneration, childbirth as well as in keeping the wicked thoughts away. Such stones also strengthen the overall body, including the skin, hair, nails, and skeleton.

Emotional healing properties of Cameo: Besides physical healing, cameos are too good for emotional torso too. They remove all the worries and fear from you and clams you completely. It brings balance to life and helps in maintaining a positive outlook towards life and the surrounding environment. Cameos carved on the onyx enhance the concentration. It releases the tension and especially brings in love in married life. It boosts endurance and will power. Cameos that are carved on gemstones emit very grounding energy; they control your surplus energy level.

Spiritual healing properties of Cameo: Cameo carved on gem nuggets prove to be very beneficial for spiritual growth. They help you to achieve the highest meditative state and thereby easily connect yourself with the spiritual powers of the cosmos. It evokes the imaginative and intuitive abilities in you. It helps in better communication with the divine power and serves as a medium that allows you to know yourself more. It opens the path of the wisdom for the individual and sets the soul all free to explore the unseen and undefined realms around. Poised with nature, it helps you to maintain harmony with the world around you. It obliterates darkness from spirit, instills flexibility and sensitivity towards life and perks up the learning abilities of an individual that helps to hold oneself back in the same exploration.

Cameo recovers the vital self. Every cameo is a masterpiece from the artist who has carved it beautifully for endless hours. The cameo silver jewelry is one exquisite classic that immediately grabs everybody's attention. For generations, people love it, and it suits people of all ages. Cameos are the best gifts to be given on valentine's day, anniversaries, and mother's day. It goes well on all occasions and looks treasured and stunning. Folklore says that cameo attracts health, happiness and good fortune. It opens up the ways for the ones who are seeking new avenues for growth.

If you also feel that cameo can do wonders in your life then buy and try this beautiful bliss. You can order both cameo silver jewelry as well as loose cameo stone from Gemexi. The rates are incredibly affordable, and the items are 100% genuine here.

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