A Perfect Tour On Rhodochrosite Stalactite Stone

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Nov 29, 2022
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A Perfect Tour On Rhodochrosite Stalactite Stone

Opals, ruby, quartz, emeralds, coral, topaz, tourmaline, and pearls are all names of gemstones that almost every one of us is familiar with. Apart from all these commonly heard gemstones, there are a few of them which are different and not heard of. One such gemstone is ‘Rhodochrosite stalactite’. 

What is it about this crystal? Where is it found? What is the story behind it? What is it used for? Does it have healing properties? You are just about to discover these entire things in here. Keep reading. 

What is Rhodochrosite Stalactite? 

To begin with, well, it is precisely one of the most elegant gemstone crystals ever. The hot red and pink hues of this crystal are all that you would fall in love with instantly. This gemstone records to have a chemical formation of MnCO3. It is a manganese carbonate mineral and found extensively in Capillitas mine, Northwestern Argentina. 

In the caves, the rhodochrosite stalactite is present in band-like structures that are sliced down by the miners. They are further put to processing of polishing and cutting into desired shapes for various uses. To be exact, the mining of rhodochrosite jewelry got commenced in the year 1937. Today, you can discover and buy stunning Rhodochrosite Stalactite silver jewelry in various styles.

The rhodochrosite stalactite is formed from dipping water of manganese rock. The formations keep on increasing in size and structure-forming ‘Stalactite’. These structures are surrounded by layers. These structures contain a minimal amount of zinc and lead. 

Story behind: 
Rhodochrosite stalactite was found in the early 13th century when miners were in search of gold. As the centuries passed, different sections of people started to mine for different materials like silver, copper, etc. 

In the year 1940, the mining was extended to an area of about 20 miles which made it the largest mine in Argentina. It has to be admitted that the mining activity in that area was a difficult task as the area was situated at an altitude of 10,000 feet above the ground. Still, that couldn’t stop the mining activities. 

Initially, a solid rough mass of about 10,000 pounds was extracted solely for the purpose of jewelry making. After polishing and further processing, the rhodochrosite was molded into beautiful pieces of jewelry. Even till today, the slabs of stalactite are available in huge quantities inside the walls of the caves, finally making it abundantly available one. 




Rhodochrosite Stalactite Healing Properties 

Just like the stone is super different and beautiful, the healing properties of Rhodochrosite Stalactite are also unique and significant.  

  • Calms down the central nervous system- We all are well aware of the importance of the central nervous system in our body. Sometimes it happens that the nervous system is under pressure or undergoes anxiety. This can be corrected with rhodochrosite stalactite.
  • Makes you expressive- Expression is one important aspect as it speaks of what you think and feel. It is sometimes difficult to talk your heart out, but no worries because the stalactite is here to your aid. 
  • It helps you to forget and forgive- It is important to forget and forgive in life. Some people take it hard and do not like to forgive. This not only hurts other people but also oneself. The rhodochrosite by your side makes it's easier for you to forgive the mistakes of others with a bigger heart. 
  • Healthy balance- This stone is well known to maintain a healthy balance between the body and the mind’s thinking process. This, in turn, helps in maintaining inner peace.  
  • Protection against bad vibes- Some People come into your life with the wrong notion or bad vibes. The stone helps you to protect yourself from all such negative notions. 

Direction to usage: Unlike the other stones, rhodochrosite has a slightly different usage methodology. Using this stone in the right way can help you reap the benefits of Rhodochrosite Stalactite properly. To get yourself relieved from physical pain or bodily pain, pick up the stone and place it or hold it over the affected area. Place this stone directly on your abdomen to improve the process of digestion. Put the rhodochrosite gemstone in a glass of water and place it directly in sunlight. You can use this water to treat irritated skin.

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