Rhodochrosite Stalactite Jewelry

About Rhodochrosite Stalactite

The word Rhodochrosite actually means ‘rose like’. And needless to mention why Rhodochrosite Stalactite has been called so! Well, simply because of its rose-like pink hue. The reason behind this amazing pink color is the presence of manganese. When this manganese gets dissolved with carbonate material and drips off from the caves, the pink hue is formed. Rhodochrosite Stalactite is a comparatively soft stone with a beautiful and soft pink hue. On the Mohs scale of hardness, the Rhodochrosite Stalactite ranges from 3.5 to 4.0. The common colors in which Rhodochrosite Stalactite is found include the rose pink color, red, yellow hue, grey, brown and white. The Rhodochrosite Stalactite belongs to the class of carbonates and contains a perfect cleavage. Rhodochrosite Stalactite was officially declared as the official state mineral of the state of Colorado in the year 2002. It basically comes from the caves of Argentina. The tubular form of Rhodochrosite Stalactite is mostly used in the creation of jewelry. The fine crystals of Rhodochrosite Stalactite are cut into gemstones so that they can be used suitably in jewelry making. The main sources for Rhodochrosite Stalactite include Argentina, Quebec, Canada, United States, Montana, Colorado, and Peru. Let us now talk about the healing properties of Rhodochrosite Stalactite.

Rhodochrosite Stalactite Healing Properties

It is an amazing stone with amazing healing properties. It teaches its carrier to love himself/herself. This, in turn, helps in the emotional healing of a person. It is a great option for those who feel depressed because of their past wounds. The stone works as an emotional healer and helps one to move forward with a good attitude in life. This stone is also helpful for the Solar Plexus Chakra as any blockages in this chakra can be removed through this pink colored stone. The Rhodochrosite Stalactite stone also helps to build a good connection between the upper chakras and the lower chakras. Thus, the high awareness of upper chakras gets perfectly harmonized with the energies of the lower chakras. It also instills confidence in its wearer. By using Rhodochrosite Stalactite, one can improve his way of meditation and can also feel joyous and physically active. It is also considered a great stone for enhancing passion. The stone also helps in expressing thoughts instantly. If you want to give place to new romance in your life, you should definitely use Rhodochrosite Stalactite stone as it is quite helpful in inviting a new love in your life. Also, by using this stone, you can improve your creative side.

Rhodochrosite Stalactite Jewelry

The jewelry made out of Rhodochrosite Stalactite looks very gentle, calm and feminine. Especially, the rose pink color makes it look very fragile. When combined with various patterns, designs, and embellishments, the Rhodochrosite Stalactite stone jewelry becomes a unique item to flaunt and beautify. Finding Rhodochrosite Stalactite jewelry online is easy. But you should make sure to buy it from the authentic sources and destinations. The stores like Gemexi are a great option to buy jewelry and gemstones. Gemexi wholesale silver jewelry and Rhodochrosite Stalactite jewelry range Gemexi quite extensive and full of choices for everyone. The astonishing designs of Rhodochrosite Stalactite jewelry are simply irresistible. Gemexi always ensures to provide only the topnotch quality products to its customers. It offers excellent quality jewelry Gemexi a very reasonable price. Moreover, the delivery is also quick and timely. In Rhodochrosite Stalactite jewelry range at Gemexi, you can find enchanting trendy designs. these modern designs possess unparalleled beauty and immaculate craftsmanship. You can buy this beautiful jewelry for yourself or for your loved ones as it can be a wonderful gift for someone you love! The beautiful Rhodochrosite Stalactite pendants and other jewelry forms at Gemexi are truly unique in their beauty and designs. Thus, you get a Gemexi unique look when you buy and don jewelry from Gemexi!

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