10 Healing Crystals for Nightmares and Bad Dreams

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Apr 15, 2022
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10 Healing Crystals for Nightmares and Bad Dreams

“Stop tossing and turning all night long with crystal jewelry”

They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Well, so is the wherefore of a dream. But, having dreams that are too vivid and chaotic can make you feel fearful and anxious in waking life. Here’s how - do you remember what is the scariest thing you’ve ever watched? Let us guess - nightmares! And that’s because they are unstructured and downright scary! They hamper your sleep cycle and in turn deteriorate your health. But thanks to healing crystals - whether you want to interpret your dreams or avoid them at all costs to sleep better, there’s always something magical in store for you! Trust us - a simple habit of wearing the right crystal trinkets is connected to better cognitive functions and better sleep. So read on to find out what are the 10 best healing crystals for nightmares and bad dreams and find your fit!

But first, let’s understand how gemstones actually help in nightmares.

Healing With Crystal Energy - Let’s See How Gemstones Are Helpful In Nightmares:

Healing crystals bear tremendous positive energy vibrations that dispel negativity out of your mind and help you to fall asleep. Not only do they safeguard you from the severity of upcoming threats and nightmares but crystals also heal and soothe all your past traumas to help you sleep peacefully. And not just that, crystals are placebo-inducing too. So all in all, crystals and gemstone jewelry is a splendid form of alternative medicine to turn night terrors into nourishing sleep cycles. 

Gemstone Jewelry For Insomnia Or Sleeplessness  Gemstone Jewelry For Insomnia Or Sleeplessness  Gemstone Jewelry For Insomnia Or Sleeplessness

Unfolding The Crystal Magic - 10 Healing Crystals For Nightmares And Bad Dreams:


Crystals for Nightmares and Bad dreams

  1. Lapis Lazuli: Strongly recommended by the alchemists, it is believed that the prolonged use of a Lapis Lazuli crystal cuts you from the negativity that leads to nightmares and promotes healthy sleep.  
  2. Selenite: An angelic crystal, Selenite is a godsend indeed. It clears unwanted energy from the upper chakras of your body and replaces them with wisdom and positivity, causing you to sleep better.
  3. Smoky Quartz: Smoky Quartz is unparalleled in offering a sense of security. The detoxifying and cleansing properties of this brownish-grey gemstone remove stagnant energy and protect you against night terror. 
  4. Hematite: Hematite is linked with an amazing ability to clear away the harmful effects of any negative feelings from your body and mind. Not only does it calm your troubled head but also releases subtle vibrations. Bonus? This iron-based stone protects you from the aftermath of bad dreams too.
  5. Pink Calcite: Pink Calcite is suitable for purifying sluggish energy. With a burst of power and positivity, Pink Calcite forms a protective shield around you and has the potential to withstand nightmares of all sorts. 

What stones are good for insomnia & better sleeping

  1. Amethyst: The stone of spirituality, Amethyst dispels the darkness around you with its healing powers. One can tap into their higher subconscious and feel absolute peace with this powerful gemstone. Moreover, it also relaxes your mind with energy vibrations and puts you under the spell of a restful sleep. 
  2. Chrysoprase: Halting the streak of recurrent nightmares is a cup of tea for Chrysoprase. The strong energy frequencies of this healing crystal nurture you for a peaceful night’s sleep and help you fend off bad dreams. 
  3. Moonstone: Moonstones are pioneers in treating stress disorders and mental ailments. The calming sensation of one sitting beside a lake under the moonlight is bestowed upon the user of this crystal. The result? Utmost serenity and peace for a good night’s sleep! 
  4. Jasper: Be it the Tiger or the Leopardskin variety - Jaspers are wonderful healers of chronic states of mind that keep you away from sleep. This crystal beautifully combats negative energies that makes it perfect for insomnia and other sleep disorders.  
  5. Labradorite: Labradorite provides a natural and long-term solution to Insomnia. Not only does it work wonders on an overactive depressed mind but also deals with the disruptions in sleep cycles. Believe us - its metaphysical properties treat the causes of insomnia like no other crystal.   

Gemstone Jewelry For Nightmares  Gemstone Jewelry For Nightmares  Gemstone Jewelry For Nightmares

How To Use Crystals For Nightmares And Insomnia:

Any kind of healing is fun with crystals and sleep is no exception. There are numerous different ways to use crystals for fixing all things slumber. Here are some of the most popular ones;
  1. Meditate upon healing crystals before dozing off.
  2. Hold your crystal and read your affirmations out loud.
  3. Wear light crystal jewelry for better sleep.
  4. Place a crystal under your pillow before sleeping.  

Happy Dreaming To You!

We know, a single nightmare episode can ruin the whole week. But hey, now you know how crystals come in handy in fixing this issue too. So why wait? Go, get yourself a piece of crystal jewelry from Gemexi - the best jewelry for fighting nightmares - and enjoy happy dreams all night long! 

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  • kevin
    Aug 4, 2022, 6:09:45 AM

    I can feel insomnia disorder very well. I had been this disorder for six months. My astrologer suggested me for wearing amethyst rings while sleeping. I wore this ring and did yoga as well. Within two weeks I felt much better than before. Yeah! Gemstones do work If you have believed in them.

  • kelisa
    Dec 12, 2022, 9:56:44 AM

    This blog was very informative. I was not aware that gemstones help in nightmare issues as well.

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