How to Use Meditation Rings for Peace, Love & Serenity

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Jul 7, 2021
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How to Use Meditation Rings for Peace, Love & Serenity

The sheer mention of the word ‘meditation’ helps us think about a calm and serene state which leads to a relaxed mind. Today, the world has realised the importance of meditation and that’s the reason why the concept of meditation has even been introduced in the corporate offices. It is a clear and absolutely true fact that meditation helps achieve a relaxed mind that is able to focus in a better way. People with stress-free mind work better, perform better and show better results in overall output. While almost all of us know the significance of meditation, we are unable to perform it because of our busy schedules. If you are facing the same trouble, we have an amazing solution for you. You guessed it right! It is meditating with the help of rings! Yes! You can meditate anytime, anywhere and that too, in just few seconds with the help of these amazing rings! Meditation through the mediation rings is gaining fast popularity.

What are meditation rings?

The meditation rings are also known as the spinner meditation rings. They are almost like any other ring with the main difference of extra spinning band/ bands provided at outer circles of the main ring. The main ring is often referred as the base ring and the outer circles are called the spinning rings or bands. The meditation spinner rings are actually inspired from the traditional ideas of prayer that include praying through things like the Tibetan Prayer Wheel or the Greek Worry Beads.

How to use the meditation spinner rings?

Using the mediation rings is quite simple and easy. If you too want to use these rings, you have to first choose and buy a spinner ring of your choice and wear it on your fingers. Whenever you want to meditate and relax, all you have to do is to take few deep breaths and start spinning the outer spinning bands of your ring. Make sure to spin these bands gently. Also, keep breathing slowly and deeply while spinning these bands. In just few seconds, you will notice that you have started feeling relaxed and focused.


Significant benefits of using meditation/spinner rings

  1. Achieve meditation in style – Meditation in style is possible! Well, you must be thinking that what is meditation in style! Meditating with the help of stylish looking rings is a great idea for people who want to meditate with the help of attractive accessories and that’s what we call ‘meditating in style’. You can buy and wear fashionable and creatively designed sterling silver meditation rings and more rings for performing meditation.
  2. Get relaxed in minimum time – You simply have to spin the outer spinning bands of the rings for few seconds and you start feeling relaxed in no time!
  3. Use them anywhere – The rings designed especially for meditation can be used any time and anywhere! Regardless of whether you are waiting for your bus on the bus-stop or standing in a queue to get your ticket, these rings can be used at any place. You just have to wear them in your fingers and you can start spinning the outer bands to start your mediation.
  4. Choose from a wide range of designs – There is a wide range of spinner rings available in the market. From beautifully carved bands to gemstone studded ones, you can come across a tempting range of designs while planning to buy these beneficial rings.
  5. Find love, peace and serenity through meditation rings – The most important benefit that you get through these rings is that you find love, peace, mediation and relaxation in your life.

  6. Use these rings as jewelry as well as your meditation tool – Do you think that the rings for meditation have boring designs? If you think so, we request you to check the range of such rings online. You would be surprised to know that the spinner rings are available in enchanting patterns and unique designs. You can use them to flaunt your fashion statement as well as for meditation.
These rings are a great gift option – Gift the beautiful spinner rings to your friends and family members. They will love to own such beneficial and stunning rings. Now that you have understood the benefits of using the meditation rings, it is time to check out the alluring range of these rings and pick one that appeals you the most!

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  • Grace
    Sep 15, 2022, 6:19:48 AM

    Meditation is an essential part of our life. We should do it regularly. Now in our busy lives, we can't meditate regularly. If gems are helping us, we should try them.

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