The power of Feng Shui creates you and your space

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  • Posted: Monday, September 21, 2015
The power of Feng Shui creates you and your space

We might have heard from our parents and grandparents that we are what we eat. You might be thinking what it is all about? Why am I discussing it? Does it have any relevance to the clause? And so the answer is YES, our choices and food preferences conveys our sub-conscious self in short displays our nature.

It is a fact that our body needs fuel to run, compatible with the idea that our wellness is dependent on the vitamins and minerals we consume into our diet. Healthy living is directly proportional to our healthy diet. Now the question arises what exactly a healthy diet is, is it according to the nutritionist and medical professionals or something we never thought of?


The reality that is rarely to known to masses is that your space holds a strong effect on your health and healthy diet. Health is not all about what we eat, but too depends on where we live and most importantly the people in our contact. In general, we soak up the vital energies of the foods we consume and, but too suck up the zippy energy of our surrounding aura.

We incessantly exchange the energy, vitality with the natural universe around us. He place where we live, work as well as the place where we sleep strongly affect our overall health. Health includes our physical fitness in addition to emotional and intellectual to lead a serene life. The energetic force created by the living space as well as the pattern of flow holds the potential to either augment the health or dwindle it.

The aura is too predisposed to control the quality of life we are living or wish to live. It is most surprising that our suffering is a cause of our unknowing living in an imbalanced space. Unbalanced aura adversely affects our intellectual, emotional and physical health. The energies of the unbalanced surrounding aura enter in our torso and we never realize it as its deleterious result cannot be noticed easily. Food too plays the same role as it is proved that our thoughts change according to the kind of food we intake.

Multitudes of the ancient history know the power of space and natural energy. The natural energy often acknowledged as chi or prana according to various traditions is hindered by the web of modernization. Today, the architecture of buildings (home or office), different fabric used in clothing as well as the footwears we choose to wear.   Further, this blocks the vital energies of the nature to enter into our soul and affect our living in a positive way. People of the ancient cultures know the way to lead a harmonious life with nature as well as absorb nature's life force to maintain a balance in addition to vitality in the life. Furthermore, the rites and ceremonies of the ancient tribes were devised to generate and realize a vital sacred space.

Summoning the flow of healing power of nature into your life as well as managing the flow of the same becomes a science and art in today’s world.


Feng Shui is regarded as one of the most complicated art of creating and balancing the space. It also balances the energy of nature and bring the place of being in kinship with the flow of energy. The energy flow of wind and water when fused with the energy flow of life force brings abundance along with health in life.

Feng Shui holds the potential to call upon the spirit of the heavens and align the overall torso with the energies fo the Mother Earth and cosmos. Feng Shui forces are used to make connections with the power, ascendancy of Eath and Heaven.

It is assumed that Feng Shui got recognition in the pre-history of China five thousand years ago. The core of Feng Shui lies on the Chinese mysticism that can be easily noticed in the mythology of the Chinese culture. In certain Chinese prophecies such as I Ching, Chinese Astrology, and Numerology the prognostication is based on the concept of bringing ecstasy closer to the soul and earth. Moreover, this is done for infusing the life force energy and make the life better.

Feng Shui has too developed into various different schools such as Compass School, the Form School, and many others to see the divine role of the life force energy and its impression on the life. In Chinese tradition life force energy is regarded as ‘chi’ that holds many forms. According to the practitioners, it is contemplated that if the chi is flowing then it is positive and healthy whereas if it is stagnant then speculated negative. Aside from the positive and negative Chi, Chi too possesses the polarity often known as yin/yang. The polarity Yin/Yang can likewise be linked to other polarities of nature, like female and male then receptive and projective as well as night and day.

In-universe, everything represents yin/yang shape and constantly interacting energies. In the family or office area, yin entities are more encircling and curved while Yang is straight and pointed. In the five-element system of Feng Shui, Chi too appears in various forms. The elements can be expressed as fire, metal, water, earth and wood. Every element holds a particular energy and energetic attribute attached as they form a series of relationships. Elements work in cyclic fashion when one encourage the growth of another element in half cycle then next half cycle used to limit the growth. The cycle works to maintain the balance in space and bring liveliness in the spirit. Further, the cycle can be explained as follows in the cycle of promotion it is deemed that fire/burning leaves ash that then buried in the earth. It is known that in the earth’s lap metals are deposited, and then metal melts to water that feeds the tree to produce wood to get burned again and complete the cycle. In this way, the cycle is considered for growth.


Now to know the limiting cycle can be explained as fire melts the metal to destroy its form, and then the damaged form of metal demolish the wood. The ruined wood soaks up the nutrients of earth and makes it weak, the soft earth blocks the flow of water through its mud that drench the fire.

Immediately, if the western viewpoint is taken to explain the cycle of the five elements then it is fairly alike with slight modifications. According to western mythology, the air holds the power of earth while the spirit holds the energies of the wood.

Theory of Five Elements

Pa-Kua an octagonal I Ching divides the surrounding space into eight segments and gives you an idea about the aspect of life in the particular areas of home or office. Each zone represents family, recognition, opulence, marriage, children, career, understanding and knowledge as well as mentors. The use of Pa-Kua along with the principles of Feng Shui creates a harmonious space along with the healthy flow of Chi energies.


Gemstones too possess the energies of the five elements, so placing them in the room or particular help to balance the Chi as well as transform the negative space into positive.


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