Discover some potent gemstones that turn on the body chakras.

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  • Posted: Sunday, September 13, 2015
Discover some potent gemstones that turn on the body chakras.

As far as the chakras are concerned, a body has seven chakras that are triggered by the particular color energy of the stone or multiple energies affiliated with the gems. Chakras and the gemstones speculated to be interlinked to each other, as gemstones that are assessed as the gift of Mother Nature to save her from the distressing circumstances of life. The reverberating energies of the colorful gem nugget are predisposed to set on the associated chakra to attain the balance as well as magnify the purpose of living.

Aside from the energies, hues and quality of the gem to activate the chakra numerous other characteristics are considered. If explained with the help of an example, then when the need comes up to trigger the fourth chakra of the body then the gem Nuggets officially connected with heart chakra is used. The healing potential and the vibrancy of the stone works together to stimulate the chakras to keep an equilibrium in addition to the correspondence with the environs.


The energetic vibes, as well as the tints of the gemstone, enhance the inner potential of the soul to deal with the upsetting situations of the life span. Furthermore, augment the capability to listen to the inner voice as well as provoke the intuitive power.


Some known and oftenly used chakras to set off the chakras, moreover intensify the energy of the chakras are listed under:

Root or Base Chakra Gemstones:

Black tourmaline, agate then hematite, Bloodstone and tiger’s eye

bambu black tourmaline vertebrae

rosecut sunstone ring emily amey

bloodstone pendant

Sacral chakra or the second chakra gemstones:

Coral then Moonstone, Carnelian and Citrine



black calcite citrine pendant

Third chakra or the solar plexus chakra gemstones :

Topaz and its varied colors then calcite and citrine as well as Malachite


black topaz ring

Heart chakra or the fourth chakra gems:

Basically stones holding the green hues like green tourmaline, green calcite and Jade but too the shades of pink such as Rose Quartz


green malachite pilot's stone


green tourmaline

magical pink rose

Throat chakra or the fifth primary chakra gemstones :

the gemstones that holds the power of the blue vibes and all the variants of the blue such as Lapis lazuli, turquoise and aquamarine


Third eye chakra or the brow chakra gemstones:

The stones commonly known to be associated with this chakra is regarded as purplish-Amethyst, black obsidian as well as purple fluorite

Crown chakra or the seventh primary chakra gemstones: Gem nuggets like Selenite, clear quartz in addition to amethyst and diamond works efficiently to trigger as well as enhance the energies of the chakra.

clear quartz



The vitality of the stone apart from proffering the strength activates the chakra to poise the inner self as well as the surrounding aura to soothe the distressing emotions and intellect of the spiritual soul.


Learn the working and the healing ability of the stones

The healing or mending vibes of the stone distantly based on the energy as well as the belief in the potency of the rock. The frequency is predisposed to buttress the natural competence of healing that infuse positive vibes in the internal torso to maintain balance. Furthermore, triggers the locked energies of the chakras to attain the potential to accomplish the goals of the life optimistically.


 The resonating vibes of each gem nugget are acknowledged to turn on the specific chakra and maintain equilibrium as well as the root out the off-putting energies of the torso. Each gemstone has its signature vibration that works accordingly to achieve the desired goals of the life. The vivacity of the stone too serves to obliterate the negativity from the inner and the outer torso as well as from the surrounding aura. It too proffers a shield around the overall torso to protect the soul from the evil and make the future span of life tranquil to live.


It too augments the intuitive powers in addition to the intention of the intellective mind to face the challenges and get out from it easily. Activation of the chakras roots out the energies blockages and permit the potent calibrations to enter to bring calmness to the emotions and intellect. Gemstones too enliven the energy to attain the highest meditative state to connect with the energies of the torso.


Aside from healing the emotional, intellectual and spiritual wounds, it too activates the hidden potential of imagination as well as an ability to visualize things. The vitality of the colors of the gem nuggets likewise helps in the astral travel by aligning the energies of the chakras.


To explain energy and the functioning of the gems in a simple term, I can simply say channelizing and magnifying the reverberating energies of the chakras brings focus in life to lead a purposeful and serene lifestyle.


Immediately the question arises how to pick out the gem that activates the sleeping energies of the chakra?


carolyn pollack jewelry

So, in simple fashion the interrogation can be rendered and explained that every chakra holds the propensity to be actuated by the several stones as per their healing potential as well as color energy. Color powers of the stone play a vital role in displaying which chakra will be turned on to unblock the blocked potential of the overall torso. To make your work easy, I had created a list of some general gemstones that are easy to find and effective to use to set the energies of the chakra on.

The list mentioned above not only works best to stimulate the chakras but too help to overcome the troubles and circumstances that create hindrance in your growth. Further, each gemstone holds the propensity to guide the soul the right direction to step when clutched in hand even for a moment. So this will help you to select the right stone for you that suits you best.

The ebullience of the colors of the gem boulders too evokes the competence to know the intuitive power and learn how to use it for getting the opulence. The radiance of colors and effectual warmth of the gem helps to attend all the riches along with the tone of composure.

Straight off, how to use the effectiveness of the gem boulders to heal the leakages of the chakras

There are multiple ways to use the energies of the stones for healing the chakras. The foremost measure is to pick out the nugget, and once this process is done, you are ready to undergo the procedure of chakra healing. The selected gemstone, since ages, is known to keep the stone on the chakra location of the torso that needs to be activated or near it to set its working on. Further, the stone can too be kept in the pocket or can be worn as jewelry to keep it close to the torso and to stimulate the blocked potential of the affiliated chakra.

It can too be used as a meditative stone, with which meditation is done to provoke the energies of the overall torso as well as the associated chakra. It too harmonizes the frequency of each chakra to sustain an equilibrium.


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