Can the energy of the wood make you happy? See how wood elements can help.

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  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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Can the energy of the wood make you happy? See how wood elements can help.

Among the five components of the mother natures’ energy, wood is speculated to maintain equilibrium in the spirit as well as the overall torso.


 Each element as elucidated in the Feng Shui plays a specific role in maintaining the balance in the cycle of life.


Some assist in keeping stability in the intellectual torso to maintain the healthy aura in the besieging of the inner self as well as home.


In the elements of the energy, stones that hold the wood energy are predisposed to proffer new beginning by eliminating the unconstructive energies from the aura of the soul.



 It too possesses the propensity that caters expansion and growth to attain the new heights of success.


Wood is assessed to yield nourishment in the overall torso to attain the well-being and proper health for a healthy living.


Wood often contemplated bringing abundance into the life in addition to the vitality, as in nature the energies of the wood symbolize prosperity and growth.

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 It permits the spirit to nurture itself and gain learning of the new things on the constant basis to grow self.


 The energies of the wood elements infuse the never ending craving for understanding the unlearned and unknown things to achieve the desired goals and step the ladder of the success.


Now the question arises how to recognize the wood energy?


In a simple way, the question can be illustrated by the vivacity and energy of the wood is a fusion of two tints, i.e., Green and Brown.

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Thusly, the merger of these two tones helps the soul to comprehend the vigor of nature’s wood element.

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The areas where the exuberance of wood element is used are regarded as, the dining place, room of the children and the place where the decision is taken to commence the new project.


Wood pushes the soul and encourage the zeal to accomplish the goal and attain all riches of the life.


The element of growth, the energy of the wood is customarily linked with the East or the Southeast direction of the house or the specific rooms. The above said directions are speculated to be affiliated with the health and wellness as well as the family areas according to the feng shui.

 Further, as per bagua chart it is too associated with the Prosperity and Abundance area. Since ages, people of different cultures utilize the energy of the wood in their way, but the motto of applying it is same to achieve the growth and engender the well-being.


The energy of the wood energy can be supplemented with the energies of the water that support the wood as well as help in accomplishing the desires to grow.

Therefore, it is contemplated that using the reverberating energies of the gemstones that holds brown and green tints can be kept in the area.

Further, to augment the vividness of the wood merriment of the water is used. Water energy is symbolized in the black and blue hued gem nuggets.


 So, adding the black or blue tinted gems along with the green or brown gem nuggets proffers a  perfect blend of energies as well as create a dynamic aura all around.

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 Granting to the "scientific discipline of architecture" that is mostly recognized as the Vastu Shastra in the ancient Indian tradition provides the right apprehension of the guidances and help to put the things according to it.

It is pondered that when the metal energy in the particular area is increased then the energy of the wood should be used to maintain a balance and suppress the extra metallic energies that resonate in the aura.

Metalic energies can be enhanced if the role of electronic things is increased such as the use of computer, music system, television, etc.

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In ancient period and cultures, fire elements are exercised in such areas to reduce the harmful effect of the metal energy.


 Fire elements symbolize the red color. Thus, the gems holding the red hues are used such as garnet.


In today's scenario and the unification of the different cultures, the energies of the wood are applied to impart a life a touch of nourishment.

Further, wood energy likewise wielded in the areas where the earth energy is amplified. The augmented earth energy can be settled down with the help of green vibes of the wood elements or gemstones.

Moreover, the exuberance of the wood energy is too implemented where he fire energy is restrained.


At last but not least, these components have the ability to produce as well as destruct. Thus, the energies should be used in proportion to maintain a proportion in the Hertz of the life.

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