Shopping Guide For Black Friday

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Mar 19, 2020
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Shopping Guide For Black Friday

Shopping is bliss, and I am sure with Black Friday just on the head now you all must be geared up with the lists of brands to check, items to pick and an idea of how to spend this most awaited day of the year. Shopping is the best anti-depressant, mood lifter, and workout. Even though it is beneficial to health as backed by surveys and testimonials, it leaves you completely out of life at the end of the day — the desire of checking all your dream brands, offering the best of the deals, discounts and offers leaves with no energy to maybe even stand again in life. The call to choose the best thing from such wide choice leaves mental exhaustion and the greed to pick almost everything burden your hands terribly. 

No, no, Don't get me wrong here, my idea behind this blog is not to discourage the Black Friday shopping from any perspective, my plan is to tell you the ways to rejuvenate yourself after this tiring fun with the help of crystals. So, just like the Black Friday deals, the  Black Friday crystals for you are:

Rose Quartz: Flinging the soft pink hues, the Rose Quartz is a very soothing and relaxing crystal. At the end of the Black Friday, when you are drop dead tired walking here and there and picking up bags of your favourite brands, you can always come back home and relax with rose quartz on your heart for at least ten to fifteen minutes. By doing this, you will be able to shed all the fatigue and dullness that built up the entire day and will feel relax to sleep peacefully.

Fluorite: May it be a headache because of too much noise around or stomach issue because of eating something wrong outside or the body pain because of no rest in the entire day, the fluorite will set everything right. It clears your energy flows making you feel better and relaxed, just that you need to choose the right colour fluorite for right issue. For example, for headaches you can try clear and purple fluorite, for body aches, white and blue and for stomach disturbances, green and yellow. 

Seraphinite: The day of holiday and shopping obviously does not go dry. When on Black Friday, you are down with the cans of beer and tequila shots then this crystal will help you make through the next day hangover. It has excellent cleansing and detoxifying energies; it can set your headache right and energise you for the next day.

Ruby: This is another energetic stone which increases your blood flow and renews your overall energy for the next day. To fight fatigue with it, make sure you place it on the root or sacral chakra, From there the true healing powers of it will be channelised effectively.

Carnelian: Now this one is a great suggestion from me as a Black Friday healing jewellery. It is a beautiful amber stone which instantly boosts your energy. So, when you are feeling unenergetic while shopping the entire day, the pair of carnelian earrings will bring back that zest in you to continue your shopping spirit of Black Friday.

Well, with these Black Friday healing ideas, its time for me too to prepare my shopping list Happy holidays guys! And ya, before I sign off let me give you a link where you can find all these Black Friday crystals at a very economical price. Try , the biggest holiday sale and the best deals are here. Hurry the offers are limited. 

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