Baraqiel, an angel of lightening that often accords you the chance

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  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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Baraqiel, an angel of lightening that often accords you the chance

barakiel angel-of good fortune

Baraqiel is among one of the seven great angels that are in control of the seven heavens and is mostly appraised for his beauty and greatness. He is an honoured prince as listed I the third book of Enoch for her wonderfulness. The third edition of Enoh is renowned for its all-embracing collection of angelic lore. Baraqiel contemplated as an angel of lightning is too regarded to be accompanied by the angels of snow, hail as well as earthquakes and sun. The name Baraqiel or Barakiel literally means God’s blessing that keeps the soul protected and endowed with divine favour. Speculated as one of the cleric’s mightiest and influential angels, he is regarded more than 130,000 years old. In a 17th century book, “The Almadel of Solomon” that is written by King Solomon Baraqiel is acknowledged to protect the innocents in addition to the innocence of the people. He is also predisposed to behave as a mainstay of the conducts of the masses. A ruler of the month Feburay, Barakiel is accredited to hunt the evils as well as holds the dominion over lightning. Furthermore, he is cognized as the ruler of the divine creatures known as Seraphim. It is too said that these magnificent Seraphim are associated with Cherubim who are the winged creatures. The Cherubim often noted as the guardian spirits are considered to protect the Garden of Eden years ago.


Barakiel proffers the energy in the inner soul and admits them to possess the positive outlook that help to experience them the good fortune and happiness in their life. Since ages, the assistance of deific Baraqiel is asked for winning the game of gambling. It is too known that Barakiel possess the great sense of humour as well as holds te propensity to instigates laughter and joy in life. It is believed that Baraqiel often walks in his best-loved spot and he answers the prayers of his believers when offered with an open heart. He likewise fulfils the desires of the willing spirits as his dearest place is a forest.  So the phrase seems to stick in the trunk of trees and when ass by he noticed them and answers in a positive and constructive manner. To seek his attention it is advised to use the fragrance of pine, cedar or sandalwood, or else keep the leaves of your most-liked tree in your room. Immediately concentrate on your wish you desire him to fulfil as Barakiel will aid you in Creating abundance as well as lighting up your life. He too assist in addressing the angels into your family with love and protect you from the storms

.Guardian Angels Dowsing Pendulum


As known that forest is the fovorite place of angel Baraqiel, thusly brown and green tints too lures him and when the hues are fused with the energy of the minerals then holds the great effect. Wood energy among the five elements contains a great importance in attracting the angel and ask for his divine help.

nature forest green tree brown leafs

Green and brown hue denotes the wood energy, so the use of these colors in the space help to magnetize the angelic powers of an angel Baraqiel. Further, the brown and green tints in the gemstone lighten up the aura and assist in getting an angels guidance. As per the Chinese tradition, wood energy is associated with the East and Southeast direction either of a room or a house. So using green and brown gems in these areas help the soul to draw prosperity and abundance in life. Wood energy too aid the soul to concentrate on the efforts to gain the desid result.



Seeker builder gem nugget, Siderite helps the soul to focus on the efforts to accomplish the goals of life in a perfect manner. It too contributes to finding true love as well as entering into a perfect relationship. The energies of the stone likewise aid in getting the perfect home along with the financial security after the certain age. A vivacious rock, Siderite is too appraised for its energies that is utilized to honour the goodness of earth in addition to Dione. It is often reckoned as a gem of support that helps to recover from the physical and emotional injury easily. It imbibes the energy of the mother earth and helps the spirit to grow and expand the intellect to accept the new beginnings of the life. It too bestows nourishment to the overall health. The energies of this captivating gem likewise helps in provoking the hidden meditative capabilities as well as attain the highest state. The reverberating energies of the stone ground the spirit and contributes to understanding the reality of the world.

Smoky Quartz

glittering natural smoky topaz citrine quartz

A Seeker Transformer gem nugget, Smoky Quartz speculated as an effective talisman to find the right path to lead a joyous life as well as fulfil the desires. The attributes of this seeker gemstone infuse the ability of creative thinking to find a new way as well as a new approach to deal with the situations of the life. It too assists in seeking the ways to transform the negative phases of life into positive and connect the energies of the inner soul with the powers of the earth.



A guardian stone, Coronadite helps to know the inner potential and use the strength when needed most. In this gifted world, the energies of the stone proffer the shielding aura around the lovers along with the personal possessions. It too yields the physical security in addition to guarding homes and valuable possessions including property. Since ages, it is known that Brown triggers the soothing vibes and calms down the stressed mind of the humans. Brown is regarded as the color of nature, the earth that makes the soul feel grounded and stable. Furthermore, the energies of the Brown hues of the stone too makes a connection with the powers of the Mother Gia as well as relax the inner spirit.

Garden quartz

Garden Quartz Necklace Healing Crystal

Often assessed as a potent grounding nugget, Garden Quartz is widely used in the healing and attaining the highest meditative state. Renowned for its grounding ability, it is credited to show the clear path to the soul to walk on it for living a serene life. As a grounding gem nugget, it is known to obliterate the pessimistic energies from the overall torso and to imbue the positive vibes from the Earth to infuse in the torso fo healthy living. While contacting the spirits of the antecedents, its pre-eminent qualities ground the inner soul to pray effectively to the ancestors for their help. Garden Quartz triggers the upper chakras and helps to make the connection with the lower ones to maintain the balance as well as attain equilibrium for aligning the overall energies. It too soaks up the negativity from the surrounding aura and transfer them to the ground to gain the calmness.


que sera stone

Que-Sera is a magnificent gem nugget that infuse the Universal Life Force energy into the soul to face the adverse situations of the life as well as overcome them quickly. It is too recognized as a meditative gemstone that helps the spirit to attain the desired meditative state to gain the spirituality. A seeker and transformer gem, Que-Sera transforms the life by seeking the positive direction to move on. It likewise aids to choose the new approach for stepping on the chosen path to lead a tranquil living.

Shaman or Boji Stones

boji stones shaman stones

Shaman Stones frequently known as Boji Stones hold the attributes of the different minerals due to the coalition of several minerals to make a single nugget. It does not possess the crystalline structure, the reverberating and vibrant energies of the stone comes from the fused minerals and color. The brownish tint of the stone makes it a rock of relaxation that offers the unwinding energies to the soul as well as ground the spirit to understand the real purpose of life.

Moss Agate

green moss agate

Moss Agate encourages the soul in all aspects to inculcate the notion of spirituality by rooting out all negative energies to connect with the karmic acts of the past lives. Read More about Moss Agate

Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper is a nurturing gemstone that shows the engravings of ravishing nature. It is a gem that is speculated to take for the hidden messages from the past. It is renowned in today’s world for its aptitude to connect the energies of the soul with the verve of nature, Earth. Read More about Picture Jasper

Schalenblende Polen

metallic schalenblende

Schalenblende Polen is contemplated to foster the skill of great and healthy communication to adds peace to the surrounding halo. It is a gem that helps to obtain relief from the issues of the prostate gland as well as from the troubles of the testicles and ovaries. It is too appraised to fuel the strength of the soul to confront the feeling of exhaustion in addition to weakness. Read More about Schalenblende Polen



A Barrier Filter gemstone, Andesine acts as an excellent gem that helps to root out the fear that stop the soul to experience the unseen paths of life.  As meditative stone, Andesine is too identified to brings the wood energy in the life as well as in the surrounding of the soul. The potent energies of this ravishing gem nugget offer the strength to handle the situations of life confidently as well as seek all the feasible directions and actions. It acts as a protective shield that saves the spirit from the misfortunes of the world.

Biggs Jasper

bigg jasper pendent

Biggs Jasper often assessed as a treasure to bring Global Awareness to endorse the notion of brotherhood as well as do things in a way that is good for the planet.  A seeker transformer, it transforms the present state of life into a desirable state by finding the new path to walk upon. It helps to maintain the healthy relationship with the loved ones.


muscovite briolette necklace

Muscovite a renowned gem that helps to build new relations as well as preserve the previous one. Further, it is acknowledged to maintain the self-esteem in addition to confidence to fulfil the dreams and desires of the life. It is a gem nugget that proffers the ability to face the criticism of others and challenges of the life. It is also known as a Guardian Bonder gem nugget that shields the belief from the negativism of the surroundings and bring the cohesive power of the earth to construct a secure bond in relationships.


russian obsidian

Obsidian a stone of truth is conceived to uncover never-ending secrets and anonymities, both close to the workings of the world, as well as close to the inner universe of the person at large. Read More about Obsidian

Autumn Wood Jasper or Plum Wood Jasper

Plum Wood Jasper endows with a warm and pleasant-sounding energy for contemplation. As a treasured stone, it beefs up the broken hearts in love, rejection or sudden abandonment. Read More about Plum Wood Jasper

Montana Agate

montana agate

Montana Agate is conceded for its lusty healing eminence. The emotional mending properties of this Montana are ceded to poise the emotions as well as descry the truth. Read More about Montana Agate

Imperial Jasper

luxury natural green imperial jasper pendant

Imperial Jasper teaches the various other possibilities to lead the life as well as help to discontinue the combat with the inner self. Further, help prepare the soul realize the real significance of life and the kinks and turns of the lifespan. Read More about Imperial Jasper

Boulder  Opal


Boulder Opal is a gem that balances the overall torso along with the chakras to attain an equilibrium in the spirit. The energies of the stone too help to quiet down the uneasy soul. It too contributes to activate the crown chakra in addition to the color associated chakras.

Cat’s Eye


The vivacity of Cat’s Eye contemplates to calm down the disruption caused in the span of life. Moreover helps to lighten the surrounding aura by obliterating out the off-putting energies. Read More about Cat's Eye

Owyhee Bruneau Jasper


Owyhee Bruneau Jasper abets on the spot thinking as well as help to gain the spirit of integrity from nature. Read More about Owyhee Bruneau Jasper

Aside from the power of gemstones, wood can be used to catch the attention of Baraqiel angel.

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