The Ultimate Guide to Wear Gemstone Jewelry on Bridal Shower

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Aug 30, 2021
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The Ultimate Guide to Wear Gemstone Jewelry on Bridal Shower

Joy, laughter, excitement - these are some of the many words that best describe any wedding ambiance. Especially bridal showers, that are no less than a fairytale. People clad in opulent jewels, dressed as fictional characters from some Disney movie - bridal showers are a whole mood! If you are a bridesmaid-to-be, there’s no way you must haven’t already begun picking out bomb attires and ornaments to rock the show. But how are you actually going to pair these? Thought of it yet? If not, read this article and check out what’s hot and what’s not in gemstone jewelry trends for bridal showers, this season :

Why do we think gemstone jewelry is an awesome pick for the occasion?

Jewelry bedecked with lush gemstones are a cult favorite for every function and the following reasons totally justify why :
  1. They look elegant -

As if we needed to tell this! Emerald, Amethyst, or Ruby - one thing that is common in every gemstone is the pure class and elegance that it emits.
  1. They are versatile -

Okay, so you don’t like bling-bling much? Go for a teensy gemstone pendant. So you want to go all “OTT” with your look? Hunt down a lavish gemstone necklace. No matter which sort of a person you are, there’s something divine in store for you always.
  1. They have superb benefits -

Gemstone jewelry isn’t just trendy and royal, it’s also beneficial on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual grounds. One great excuse to shop wholesale gemstone jewelry in India, no?


The perfect guide to wear gemstone jewelry on bridal showers

Now that you know why gemstone jewelry is the best choice for bridal showers, let’s hop in and unfold some of the most voguish trends on how to wear gemstone jewelry :
  1. Sport a piece of simple jewelry with a heavy outfit

This trend proves how you don’t always have to go all sky-high with your jewelry to make heads turn. Minimal, statement jewelry pieces win the show when teamed up with the correct outfit. Little studs, dainty pendants, chic dress, added with little eye and hair makeover and that’s it! You’re ready to steal the show.
  1. Different colors for different events

Bridal showers include a series of events and you obviously don’t want to wear the same look over and over again. So, how about wearing different gemstone jewelry for every event? For the morning rituals, keep your look minimal and go for light-colored pieces of jewelry like a Citrine necklace or an Aquamarine bracelet, while saving the intensely deep and lavish Sapphire jewelry set for the after-party at night. Top tip? Absolutely!
  1. Vintage look for the go

Here’s a little secret - anything vintage never goes out of fashion! So, take the cue and go all classic on the bridal shower. Pair your heavy outfit with gemstone jewelry embellished with intricate and old-fashioned motifs and designs. We promise you won’t be disappointed at all.
  1. Pearls x Gemstones is a win-win fusion

If glistening gemstones are too much for you, neutralize the look by adding a dash of pearls. For instance, pair an emerald necklace with petite pearl drop earrings to make the whole look mild but dazzling!


Tips on how to care for your precious gemstone jewelry

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention. But they certainly ask for some care. So, here are 5 of the simplest ways to pamper your gemstone jewelry :
  1. While cleaning your precious gemstone jewelry, never scrub it rampantly. Soft brushing is all that your ornament needs to get rid of dirt and dust.
  2. After cleaning the jewelry, polish it with a soft piece of cloth. It works wonders in reviving the gloss of the gemstone.
  3. Never ever put direct pressure on the gemstone while wearing the jewelry or taking it off. It can cause great havoc and you don’t want that.
  4. Keep your gemstone jewelry at bay from harsh chemical-infused products like hairspray, toners, etc. These can cause irreversible damage to the gemstone.
  5. Never expose your gemstone jewelry to direct sunlight for prolonged hours. It can cause the gem to fade in color.

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  • Axel
    Aug 26, 2022, 7:24:55 AM

    I wore a diamond necklace to my function. It gave me a fabulous queen look. Everyone praised me. I think jewelry help in augmenting your glow.

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