Aventurine, a Stone of Opportunity

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Aventurine, a Stone of Opportunity

Thought to be lucky charm for its wearer, Aventurine is the best stone for opportunity among all the other gemstones. It is too good in manifesting the prosperity and wealth and favors the activities that are related to finance like lottery, lotto and gambling.

Aventurine is believed to be the best among the experts and experienced. There is a myth also according to which one should wear or carry this charm along with him when going to buy the lottery tickets.

Aventurine is too known as Avanturine, Indian Jade, Adventurine and Aventurine Quartz. This charm is mainly employed in jewelry, aquaria, and monuments, building stone, vases, figurines and bowls. It is the crystal which offers the opportunity in the life and is expected being the luckiest gemstone for the soul that looks for attaining all the riches in his life. It is also noticeable for producing the prosperity and wealth of all types.

Aventurine holds the tendency to attract the wealth and riches that makes the person’s life full of joy and prosperity to live. The fame of this crystal is renowned among the gamblers as it contributes in winning the game and attracts the wealth to their life. The resonating vibration of Aventurine drives off the profit to live a flourishing and healthy lifestyle.

Where is Aventurine found?

Aventurine crystal is largely found in Russia, Tibet, China, Italy, Nepal, India and Brazil.

Aventurine Color

The green color of Aventurine is the common hue. However, it is too found in other tints like blue, silver-gray, yellow, dusty purple, peach or carrot etc. it is found with the stripes and is semi-transparent but if it included excess of minerals it reveals its opaque texture.

Aventurine, not a Birthstone

Aventurine is actually not a specific birthstone. So, anyone may get a recommendation from his astrologer to try out its features.

Aventurine, a Perfect Zodiac Stone

Aventurine is linked with two star signs that are Libra and Virgo, So, the one who falls under these zodiac signs may get benefitted from it.

Benefits of Aventurine Gemstone

The green Aventurine is branded as a beneficial char, for fertility issues, migraine pains, genito-urinary, dyslexia, eyesight especially far-sightedness and astigmatism and cerebral palsy.

Moreover, Aventurine helps in healing the adrenal glands, lungs, thymus glands and the nervous system. Aventurine refills the ideas in the wearer’s mind that the bad phases will go away very soon and he must fight with those situations with faith and hope.

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