Andalusite, possesses Creative and Protective Energies

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Andalusite, possesses Creative and Protective Energies

An aluminium silicate or polymorph, Andalusite is well composed of the two minerals, Sillimanite and Kyanite. Polymorph is actually a mineral the chemical composition of which is similar but distinctive physical structure. This gemstone has got its name from Andalusia which is located in Spain and is the first place of its production. It was supposed to be found before BC. Most of the beings believe that Andalusite’s original state was first explored in El Cardoso which is a Spanish region.

Where is Andalusite found?

Andalusite is usually found in the pegmatites. The nuggets of this crystal occur in the gravels of gemstone in Brazil and Sri Lanka. The other localities where it is found are Australia, Russia, Spain, Sweden, France and California in USA.

Andalusite Color

With the changing color ability, this gemstone originates in various hues that includes brown-yellowish, green, orange, brown, red and white.

Andalusite, not a Birthstone

Although, Andalusite is not a birthstone for any particular month but still anyone may get benefitted from its healing powers simply by taking an advice from its owner.

Andalusite, a perfect Zodiac Sign

Andalusite is the best gemstone for the one who falls under a star sign, Libra.

Benefits of Andalusite Gemstone

Andalusite gemstone is composed of the anti-infammatorypowers that aid the owner in lowering down the pain of rheumatism, gout, joint inflammation and arthritis. That’s why it is known as an excellent talisman for the skin and connective tissues.

Moreover, Andalusite is wonderful for treating water retention, eye problems, AIDS and deficiencies of iodine, oxygen and calcium.

Andalusite, a seeing gemstone works in a calm manner and aids the owner in knowing about the character of the others without being prejudice. With this charm, the wearer becomes capable to see distinctive sides of the problems. It is also considered to possess creative and protective powers that permit the holder to balance his problems practically.

Andalusite allows its owner to mess up with the anxiety and stress as it wards off the negative powers that surround him. It also has the capability to covert the fights into a peaceful environment.

After wearing Andalusite, the carrier become focused towards his goal and motivates him to be calm even in the difficult situations. It is also supposed to increase the lactation and balance the blood flow and improves the edema. It is also used for diminishing the fever of the beings. 

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