Amazonite - Balances and Harmonizes the Life

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  • Updated On Mar 23, 2020
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Amazonite - Balances and Harmonizes the Life

Amazonite is a semi-opaque and very appealing gemstone which reveals off its sea-green or we can say sea-blue color. It belongs to Feldspar family and has gained its name from a river named, Amazon. Like the intense and profound water, Amazonite designates a fascinating shade of the deep blue and green sea that promises to calmsthe spirit and appeases the soul.

The power of Amazonite is as strong as that of Amazon River which gave the name to this charm and as daring as a well-recognized female combatants. This gemstone reduces the aggression, calms the irritating and absurd things and serene the uneasiness. It offers the harmony and balances the life of the wearer.

Where is Amazonite found?

Amazonite is originated and mined in very few places all around this world. Since past, Russia was supposed to be the only residence of Amazonite. Today, after various discoveries the other sources of Amazonite are found in Madagascar, Brazil, USA and Australia.

Amazonite Color

The hue of Amazonite gemstone ranges from the green color to the lighter tints of Turquoise. This gem piece too appears in white, gray and yellow shades and may also be transparent to opaque.

Amazonite, not a Birthstone

Amazonite actually is not best for any particular gemstone but yet you may try it after taking an advice from your astrologer.

Amazonite, a Zodiac Stone for Virgo

Amazonite is linked with a zodiac sign, Virgo. So, if you fall under this particular star sign then you are quite lucky to get benefitted from it.

Benefits of Amazonite Gemstone

Just by dreaming of Amazonite gemstone attracts the calmness and peace towards you. The stone of courage, Amazonite was utilized by Amazonians for embellishment in the shields. These were a team of the female warriors who were known for their bravery.

Amazonite is capable of assimilating the environmental pollution and electromagnetic radiations. It is too supposed to be a tonic and intoxicant for the young beings who feel lazy and lethargic.

Amazonite is also branded as a Stone of Hope. In general it is whispered for maintaining the owner’s hearty and hale. It too regenerates the dead and damaged cells, heals after the trauma, illness or injury and offers a relief from the contraction of muscles. It looks after the disorders related to throat and thyroid gland. It is also useful for taking care of the sexual disarrays.

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