New Trends for Winter Chic 2015

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 23, 2020
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New Trends for Winter Chic 2015

Stay cozy, comfy and warm feels extremely pleasant while embracing the skin during winter days. There are many staples that appear stylish and chic when you create a fashion trend using the same affixes. Even though, it comes in various fabrics like wool, cotton and synthetic fibers that run immensely in the fashion industry. However, often these materials are mixed with cashmere, rayon and silk for acquiring coziness and luxe. Here are some new winter trends, to make you look more stylish during chilly days:

  • Cable knit and sequin sweaters or pullovers work amazingly with comfy pants, leggings, and pair of jeans.
  • Flats, knee-length boots and open-toe booties upgrade the winter’s style perfectly.
  • Pairing a collared shirt that is not tucked, with a feminine A-line, skater or pencil skirt would make an appealing combination that depicts fashion.
  • Adding a zip-up hoodie with the overall look of yours in fall season would add some more style.
  • On the way of acquiring a work to dinner look, combine a gigantic sweater, cardigan or pullover, with a pair of smart cargo or trouser.


1. Basics styles always rock


In terms of fashion, whenever you find yourself in confusion then always go with the basics. Plaids are the basic fashion that is effortless and timeless to make you look modish. To get the plaids done, scarves are not the only way.

Another basic style for the fall season is, combining pencil skirts or trousers with a white shirt and cardigan, and this combination makes a perfect professional look. Even though, in dresses with various modish cuts and lengths, it is a tremendous way to upgrade your fashion.

However, adding blazers, jackets or coats is the quick and easy way to prep up your outfits incredibly, whether it’s a pant, skirt or a dress.


2. Show off your personality with colors


If the temperature is low, then it doesn’t mean that this is the time to wear only dark colors. However, if you wear bright colors as a sole piece or in combination, then it would help you to show off your personality on any occasion. Always use bright colors that contrast and complements your style marvelously.


3. Floral touch in your style


Well, it is natural that flowers do not bloom in the fall season. But this fact does not affect your style and fashion. Floral prints have a propensity to add some glam to your personality and looks. Dresses, pants, or stylish jeans with incredible floral prints look astonishing when paired with appropriate staples. Moreover, while pairing floral printed apparel, some key points you need to keep in mind:

I. The size of the floral prints should be chosen according to your style.
II. If you are wearing a geometric pattern, then blend with an appropriate solid color that complements the overall outfit.
III. Try some classy and trendy patterns, and avoid those designs that appears childish.


4. Set off the style of Animal Prints


Compliment your style with the wild fashion that is in trend such as wearing animal printed staples. Prints like snakeskin, cheetah, zebra, leopard and many more always look remarkable when paired with stylish clothes.

Mini dress with animal prints, tops, and bottoms such as animal printed jeans or leggings, are extremely popular among women. Even though, celebrities also love to follow this fashion.


5. A versatile hue – White


It is not true that white-colored dresses can be wear in spring and summers. The versatility of white can be shown off in all the seasons. White shade comes in a number of variations that looks perfect with any combination like off white to grey colors. But make sure that you have chosen heavy fabrics in the white shade like wool and tweed. Therefore, rock during the winter with white shade.


6. Fashion Stays with Leather


Confident, modish and stylish leathers are the most affable fashion in the fall season. Skirts, pants, jackets, dresses, and shorts that are made of leather always appear amazing while combining with other staples.

Leather jackets paired with T-shirts, denim, and boots gives a professional appearance for any occasion. Leather skirts such as a pencil or skater, made with pleats is a chic fashion that matches perfectly with your personality.

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