GEMEXI - 45th Anniversary Celebration

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  • Updated On Mar 20, 2020
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GEMEXI - 45th Anniversary Celebration


After having years of experience in gem cutting, polishing and trading, Mr. Arun Rampuria incorporated his dream company Gemexi on 24 August 1973. He started a small unit of manufacturing and trading of emeralds and who knew at that time that the company will grow as an international business one day. He has achieved his dream of the renowned company all by his knowledge, experience, hard work and persistence. Initially, he was focused on emeralds only but later he started dealing in all kinds of precious and semi-precious gemstones and jewelry.


Jaipur is the gem hub of India and Emerald being its prime gemstone known all over the world, Mr. Arun started with emeralds. Since it is a belief that learning manufacturing, grading and trading of emeralds is the key to expertise in all gemstones as emeralds have a lot of variations and all factors change with a slight change in variation. Mr. Rampuria with his hard-work expanded his business of emeralds to overseas and later focused on different areas of handmade fine jewelry, all kinds of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Mr. Arun now has a renowned company with its millions of successful transactions.


After incorporating Gemexi, Mr. Arun traveled to south-east Asia and started associating with new international clients. He contacted buyers from the USA and got few orders. With his established acquaintances and confidence in the US market, he thought of expanding his business there.

He traveled to USA, met some major players in the market and gradually he built strong relations in the US and started exporting to big companies there. He added over 150 varieties of precious and semi-precious gemstones to his business.

Later his son Nitin Rampuria joined the business after completing his graduation in diamonds and colored stones from Gemological Institute of America, California. He started manufacturing and exporting silver jewelry directly to wholesale business owners and boutiques. Meanwhile, Mr. Nitin explored a new world of crystal healing and due to his interest and passion for both gemstones and crystal healing, he launched the website to educate everyone about the gemstones and their properties, healing energies, spiritual and metaphysical powers.

With all gem education and huge inventory, they attracted the customers and started catering to small businesses and semi-wholesalers all over the world.

Now they have ready stock of over 200,000 items online and served over 1.5 million happy customers.


Gemexi is a renowned company in the world of gemstone and silver jewelry. They directly procure rough gemstones from African mines and process them in-house to beautiful jewelry pieces. Their team of designers is working well with updating new trendy designs to their collection every day. They are one platform for all kinds of gemstones and silver jewelry at manufacturing rates.


They procure rough from different parts of the world, process gemstones and transmute them into captivating jewelry pieces to supply them directly to the small shops and boutiques to over 80 countries.


To celebrate their success and to thank all their customers for constantly supporting them, they are happy to announce that Gemexi is hosting its 45th Anniversary sale. This is their way of showering love to the customers who have always been the part of their beautiful journey. There will going to be many exciting offers and discounts. So hurry up and stay with them to grow Gemexi family more.

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