Style Tips for Wearing Oxford Shoes

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 23, 2020
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Style Tips for Wearing Oxford Shoes

Oxford Shoes – This footwear is a huddle of fashion and styles that comprises intellect, beauty, chic, feminine and modish impression. This shoe fashion was originated in Ireland and Scotland, but initially it has the masculine gawk. Therefore, it became a trendy part of men’s closet and recently due to some modernized styles of Oxford shoes, it also acquire a place in the women’s wardrobe. Previously, most of the women did not consider Oxford shoes, compatible with their dressing style, but nowadays it is found that these shoes are one of the most fitted staples with women style.

An instant sophisticated appeal and a perfect chic appearance can be achieved, if we’ll follow this style with our casual outfits. Oxfords shoes are very expensive, as it is made of leather, but they are extremely comfortable with your casual outfits. Oxford shoes have a propensity to make you look longer, when wore with black tights.

Women’s Oxford shoes are the perfect staple for the transition in their style statements, and also give a pleasing feel. Scarves, sunglasses and bold colored handbags complement the oxford shoes, when you are following this style statement in the fall season. However, there are some of the staples that do not work well with Oxford shoes that you need to know, if you love this style. Here we have covered some of the styles and dressing combinations with fashionable Oxford shoes, have a look:

  • When these stylish Oxford shoes are combined with the layering of fall season, then it will give a glimpse of modish fashion.


  • Pair your cute Oxford shoes with a trendy leggings and outsized sweater or pullover, and acquire one of the popular casual styles.


  • Create the essence of tremendous fit style, by combining Oxford shoes with your favorite denim shorts, a finicky scarf and a hat.


  • Achieve a relaxed vibe, by combining your boyfriend jeans, a blazer and a dressy top. With this look, you’ll rock in any season.


  • One of the most popular styles with Oxford shoes – wearing your thigh length high socks, a skater skirt and a cardigan will give a glamorous appearance.


  • This statement is incorrect that you can’t wear your flowered dress in the fall season. You just need to blend the style of your dress with tights, a warm sweater and your Oxford shoes.


  • Oxford shoes give a flattering appearance, when paired with colored tights. This style will transit your look to a preppy one, which is in trend.


  • Oxford shoes come in range of colors and style. Therefore, go for some fun bright shade of shoes, instead of bold colors like black and brown.


  • Oxford shoes are very popular for the winter season. Dressing up or down these Oxford shoes with a graphic sweater or a stylish sweatshirt would be perfect.


  • This style is known as the perfect fall outfit, when your Oxford shoes are mixed with a cardigan, a striped shirt, and a pair of denims.


  • During the warm days, make a glamorous combination of your skater skirt, a crop top and your stylish Oxford shoes.


  • If you choose that Oxford shoes, make you look longer, then add heeled Oxford shoes in your wardrobe for the look you want.

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