Exclusive Diamond Silhouette Ring Design Launched

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Posted: Thursday, October 15, 2015
Exclusive Diamond Silhouette Ring Design Launched

Jewelry brand Beaver brooks recently launched a new diamond ring collection ideally suitable for wedding and eternity ring using the brand new concept of Diamond Silhouette.  

The design consists of two-band diamond silhouette rings that encase the engagement rings. To create slightly different styles for the engagement rings, the silhouette rings are different from one another.


Beaver brooks have released a 17-piece exclusive range that comprises of 11 diamond rings. There are varying designs in the collection including cluster, halo and solitaire styles. For the 11 rings, there are six new silhouette rings that complement the engagement rings. Both the engagement and the silhouette rings have been made in plain platinum bands, diamonds studded or a mixture of both. All the rings in the collection are graded as GSI1. 

According to a buyer in the United Kingdom, silhouette rings have become a new concept among UK consumers and expressed his happiness that Beaver brooks were introducing the new concept. The diamond and wedding ring buyer also said that since Beaver brooks are known for its wedding, engagement and eternity rings, the new and unique collection will surely attract more customers.

Another customer added that the range of engagement rings by Beaver brooks is truly beautiful, with each ring offering a contemporary yet classic style.

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