Know about Some Nameless Secrets of Wedding Rings

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  • Posted: Monday, September 7, 2015
Know about Some Nameless Secrets of Wedding Rings

Wedding day, vows may be different, ceremonies may vary, but the trend of the wedding finger pieces is still alive since the ages. It too stands for the perpetual love on behalf of many religions and cultures. Many brands design wedding bands of distinctive motifs and sizes that stun adorning you from your ‘Big day’ and walks together on your ‘Love Trip”.

Most pick the simple gold band with no such contours on it. But with the time, the embellished bands and rings have taken the throne well festooned with precious glistening gems.

Ring Metals

The material ring choice would be the first step towards your wedding band selection.

bulgari wedding ring
Traditionally, yellow and white gold owes the fashion but the precious metals, titanium and platinum are too in run among the in style wedding band pick.
bulgari wedding ring

It’s always recommended to go for similar metal elect for engagement and too the wedding finger pieces.

bulgari-wedding ring
To avoid the scratch or slit, the hard metals should keep away.

bulgari wedding-ring
Each metal holds idiosyncratic properties. So, the choice would be made given that.

Ring Shapes

The three well-liked shapes of wedding rings:

• Court Shaped

Styled in a classic pattern, this court shaped wedding charms fit comfortably in all size fingers with a round physique from inside and outside as well.
bulgari wedding ring

• ‘D” Shaped

This type of finger band goes straight all the way from top to bottom and is found flat on the inner and curved on outer part giving the shape of an alphabetical letter ‘D’.

bulgari wedding ring

• Shaped

To put your wedding band beautifully fit with your fancy engagement ring, you will have to make it compatible with its style. Or, the simple way is to make a choice of a set comprising of friendly engagement and wedding finger pieces that may reveal the elegance being together.

bulgari wedding ring

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