Essential accessories that every woman must have

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 20, 2020
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Essential accessories that every woman must have

Basic accessories every woman must have

Accessories are something that women can’t do without. They enhance the beauty of a woman and they make them look elegant. The look of a woman remains incomplete until and unless she adds some bling to it.

No matter how much jewelry or accessories a woman has she would never be satisfied. But, there are certain must-have accessories that every woman must have in her closet. These are the accessories that come handy when you do not have time to dress up and you just need to leave in a few minutes.




You would definitely not like to strain your eyes. Sunglasses are one of the most significant parts of the woman’s accessory collection. You definitely need to follow the trend but actually you can’t buy a pair of sunglasses every week as the trend changes. Thus, you need to have one pair of evergreen sunglasses which you can always carry.



Women often ignore their hair which is not right at all. Hair is the part of our body that is exposed to sun, dirt, pollution the most. Thus it is very important to cover them. Especially during winters when the wind really hurts the head, a scarf works quite well. So, just keep a neutral color scarf in your bag and use it every time you head out of the house.

Spacious bag


It is said that a woman carries her world in her bag. Thus, it is quite important that it is spacious. But spacious does not mean that it is bulky or heavy. You will find plenty of bags in the market which would be spacious and would also be light in weight. Just grab one of these lightweight bags and get going.



You must have heard that a person’s personality is assessed by the shoes he or she wears. Thus, it is very important we wear good shoes. It is true that women look the best in heels. But, it is practically not possible to wear heels all the time. Especially when you need to go to a party directly from the office, it is not possible to wear heels the whole day in the office. So, the best solution here is to wear your ballerina shoes. They are super comfy and look great with every outfit.



A nice pair of hoops is a must-have for every woman. When in doubt wear hoops. You can have a pair of silver or golden or both hoops in your dressing table. You can wear them to work, to date, to a party and even to a movie.


Statement neckpiece



Once you wear a statement neckpiece there is no need to wear anything else. It is also no need for having a lot of statement neckpieces. The beauty of statement neckpieces is that you can have 1 nice-looking statement neckpiece and flaunt it with a different outfit. You can wear it differently to change your look.

Statement rings



The statement rings or cocktail rings are a lot in fashion. They look good and make the fingers look longer. You will easily find them in the market or even online. Buy 1 or 2 good statement rings and wear them interchangeably. You can also wear them on a regular basis. They look good even in the office. Don’t be hesitant about the boisterous side of the rings. The size is the beauty of the ring.





Watch is something that is used for the following time as well as for embellishing the wrist. So it can be said to be an innovative way of adding bling to your wrist. You can go for an embellished watch which comes with chains and other bling things. It looks nice and also eradicates the need of wearing anything else on the wrist. You can also go for a watch which has the option of changing the strap. You can change the strap occasionally and wear one watch in different ways.



The belt is another significant accessory which you need to have. We need to wear a belt on a regular basis and mostly we have 2-3 belts. But, we need to have one such belt which can be worn with casual outfits also and formal outfits also.

So these are some of the important accessories that every woman needs to have in her wardrobe.

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