Sterling Silver Chain Collection

It’s no wonder that jewelry making is a matter of great creativity and excellent art. The entire process is full of difficulty, as a perfect mix and match are essential to make jewelry pieces awe-inspiring. 

One of such tasks is the selection of silver chains. It’s due to the availability of different types of chains. The selection also depends upon the personal choice and imagination about that specific jewelry piece.
Handmade jewelry has always been a center of attraction for many jewelry buffs. The use of a beautiful sterling silver chain adds further grandeur to it. 
It’s very important to know about customers’ preferences before finalizing the chain type. If a customer wants all focus to her pendant, then a simple chain would be the best option. 

On the contrary, if the need is to add some additional sparkle, the silver chain style should be chosen accordingly. Gemexi offers a range of beautiful sterling silver chains from which customers can choose their preferred ones. 

What is 925 Silver Chain?

When it comes to original 925 silver chain, some specific marks are there for the indication of the purity. Such marks can be “925,” “S925,” etc. 

These marks actually indicate the purity of silver that is 92.5%. But, it can still be sterling silver even when the marks are absent. The 925 silver chain price structures are budget-friendly. Chains are available in different lengths. 

Another worth noting point is that 99% pure silver comes as unsuitable for becoming a metal of jewelry pieces. But, “925 sterling silver” has served this purpose well. It is 92.5% of pure silver whereas the rest part consists of copper or other types of alloys. It’s the reason for the popularity of 925 sterling silver chain. Gemexi is a reputed name in this field!

Different types of Silver Chains

At Gemexi, we present a wide range of various types of silver chains for you so that you can choose the specific ones according to your countless jewelry needs! 

Trace Chain

Being among the most prominent chain type, trace chain is heavily used in the jewelry manufacturing process. In simple words, it acts as an all-rounder due to its extensive utilization in different designs. The links are oval-shaped and that’s why it’s become a minimalistic fine chain. Different types of silver chains for sale are available in different lengths as well as thickness.

Belcher Chain

Being also called Rolo chain, the beautiful belcher chain greatly resembles the trace chain. But, the links of belcher chain are wider as compared to the thickness. 

While it’s about men's jewelry, this chain type is heavily used. Moreover, its robustness is also worth noting. Belcher chains are also available as long silver chain.

Hayseed Chain

If the preference is of a lightweight yet mesmerizing chain, hayseed chains can be an ideal option. The links of these chains are intricate in nature. Moreover, the delicacy of the details is also awe-inspiring. It’s the secret of its attractive sparkle after being interacted with the light. 

Curb Chain

If a heavier appearance is the requirement, the curb chain makes an appropriate option. The links in these chains are flattened as well as twisted with each other tightly. Curb chains are used in men’s jewelry. Moreover, it’s also an excellent option for incredible statement necklaces. But, whatever the chain style is, real silver chain options must be the only lookout.

Rope Chain

Such chains come with an incredible appearance. Moreover, the links of rope chains come as the twisted form. Without any doubt, the looks of rope chains are like a rope. Various types of rope chains are available in sterling silver option. These chains are also used in different luxurious designs. Customers can buy a silver chain after deciding about the style.

Bead Chain

The small beautiful balls are entwined in bead chains. Being also known as pipeline chain, the tiny balls are there at specific intervals throughout the chain accompanied by connector bars. Literally, it’s a beautiful style for opting for different designs. The long sterling silver chain options of this style complement one’s look. 

Figaro Chain

It is a mesmerizing style of chain that comes with amazing detailing. Figaro chains enhance the beauty of a design to a great extent. Three shorter links are often there all around the chain along with flattened links. The 18-inch chain option of this style is really mesmerizing.
Snake chain or Brazilian chain is also a popular option in this regard. Serving perfectly to all your silver chain needs, Gemexi comes as the best option. We are highly committed to delight you with astounding items of jewelry. Explore and buy from our wide range of silver chains and be a part of Gemexi’s wide customer base!  

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