The latest cry to wear the colorful cardigans when it is not that chill

By Gemexi Team | Fashion Tips
  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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The latest cry to wear the colorful cardigans when it is not that chill

Some fashionable cardigans suit different body types and others go well with your particular outfits. Very comfortable to wear, but wearing the right cardigan is a very important matter that should look perfect. You may read here a few points while you wear the cardigan.

The Cropped Cardigan

The swank and cropped cardigan also called as the waist-length cardigan, is the most common pattern. Wear them with dresses that fit you or maybe with the high waisted skirts. Wearing the cropped cardigans with the long tops spoils your body proportions and hence is not a good choice.


Oversized Cardigan with the Skinniest Jeans

The oversized cardigans are too much in for the season. Wear them with the skinniest pair of Jeans but with the loose attires, the oversized cardigan will be a big NO.


The Chic Wrap Cardigan

The Chic Wrap cardigans are unique in the style you wear them. Wear them with some dark-colored pair of jeans clearly enhancing your body contours. Do not wear it with short skirts. It will spoil your look.


Your very favorite Boyfriend Cardigan

That forms my favorite too! The boyfriend cardigan is good to wear with jeans, or maybe the pencil skirts or shorts. Really nice to team unless your bottoms are fitted and slim.


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